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Glee 01x12: Mattress

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And because we were spoiled by the amount of songs last week, we of course, have to move the plot along this week -- which means less songs. Which is okay, since next week is already sectionals and then the long hiatus. Boo. Still, despite the lack of song-age, raise your hand if you want to jump on your mattress after this episode. Cause I sure do. Pah! Pah! Pah! Papah! Pah! Rah! Pah! Pah! Rarah!

Just Because Rachel is Adorably Funny...
I swear this has got to be the cutest year book photos ever. No matter how annoying Rachel can be, she's just totally cute. I don't know how she crams that many extra-curriculars in one school day. Go Rachel.

...And will do anything for Co-Captain-ship
I felt so bad when Finn stood her up at the photo taking. I know he meant well but I guess peer pressure still got to him and he felt he couldn't take the bullying. I wish he would man up, but with the baby and Quinn, I don't think he has time to man up for Rachel right now. That's too bad though. I just realized how Lea Michelle's jaw must hurt after shooting, because Rachel always has the biggest smile on her face.

Will Will Do Anything To Get The Gleeks Their Yearbook Photo
When Will Schuester sets his mind on something, he sure does try to get it done. I can't count how many times he's had to fight with Figgins (and Sue) to give the Glee kids what they deserve. On top of that, he has to deal with Emma's upcoming nuptials to Ken. Will Will ever get a break? I don't think so.

I'm happy however that Emma already told Will to stop with whatever it is they had going on. I don't know how happy she'll be with Ken, but it's funny how now that she's more committed to Ken, Will's relationship with Terri goes downhill for real.

Baby Drama # 1 Is Finally Out of the Bag
Well I'm glad that's finally resolved. I didn't know how long she could have gone on with the padding underneath her clothes. And at least now she won't bother Quinn anymore for her baby. And though I felt so horrible for Will (Go Matthew Morrisson, you totally scared me with how intense you looked in the kitchen), I'm glad he knows. And really, how scary was Mr. Schue getting mad at Terri. She totally deserves it though, but wow, intense.

Now what happens with Terri? It looks like he isn't considering divorce just yet (though you could tell this totally gave Emma a little hope), I'm just hoping he recovers from this total devastation -- on top of which, he can't go with the kids to sectionals. Oh dear, so much negativity with poor Mr. Schue.

Quinn Shows Sue She's Ruthless Too
I'm so happy Quinn did this! And totally stood up for the Gleeks at that!!! Looks like she's learned a thing or two now. I have to say, despite the pregnant belly, Quinn still looks amazing in that uniform. I'm sure the males watching this show are more than pleased.

Jump and Smile With Glee!

I love Lily Allen but thought this was such an odd song choice? Not that I didn't enjoy it, because I did like Finn's back up vocals, but it just felt oddly forced. But that's just me and it was still fun to see Rachel flirt around Finn. Still, I'm sure I'll like listening to it more than watching it.
I did not know this was a Van Halen song but I sure do want to jump around to it. I love the production number with the mattresses and seeing how excited they all were to be part of a mattress commercial just made me smile. I also now want to jump on a mattress and do backflips a la Changster and Brittany.
Though this isn't my favorite song either, it felt oddly touching watching them all get their yearbook photos taken. It would have been nice to see even the Gleeks get their solo shots, but I guess it meant more for them to show them having it as a group. Poor kids still get vandalized in the end.
And I can't believe work/exhaustion is actually causing me to update late! I hope I can watch Glee on time next week, after all it is the last one before the break. Will the Gleeks win Sectionals next week? I sure hope so. They've worked so hard for it.
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