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Merlin Series 1

Take me to Camelot[Merlin's Keep]
I never thought I'd enjoy Medieval Camelot as much as I have, considering I wasn't even supposed to watch the BBC series, Merlin. Out of my longing for Mad Men Mondays, I got influenced by the Merlin lovers on my flist to finally check out this show and once I started, I couldn't stop.

I literally spent last weekend, watching all of series 1 and finally finishing it this week. I wish I had an extra long weekend up ahead just so I can catch up with series 2 in time for the finale. Why so adorable Merlin and Arthur?

Due to my ZERO knowledge on Camelot, other than that Sean Connery/Richard Gere movie, I'm not quite sure how Merlin was as a kid, so it's fun to watch Merlin's bromance with Arthur. I love the cockiness of Arthur and the tension between him and Morgana. I love Guinevere and her crush on Merlin. And Gaius's mentoring of Merlin. And well, I just love that Uther is Giles from Buffy!!! Just like starryeyedmagic said, everyone is shippable with everyone else on this show.

1x01: The Dragon's Call

I love how Merlin totally takes on Arthur not knowing he was the king's son. And even after finding out that he was the Prince of Camelot, he just didn't give a shit and continued to provoke him. Merlin, you're not just a nobody! I'm glad he was able to save Arthur! Let the bromance begin.

1x02: Valiant

Oh snake in the shield! I love how I can suspend my belief in reality with this show knowing it deals with the supernatural. And look, Arthur trusted Merlin and got embarrassed in front of the whole court. I see the start of a rift in the bromance. I love how Merlin's trying to prove himself worthy though

1x03: The Mark of Nimueh

I felt so bad for Gwen's dad so it was nice to see Merlin try his best (and use magic!) to save Gwen's dad! And I love how Morgana is so headstrong and just willing to subject herself to danger going into the cave. Go team Arthur/Merlin! At least they're helping each other already.

1x04: The Poisoned Chalice

The fact that Merlin drank from the chalice despite knowing it was poisoned, just to save Arthur was really really sweet. I love how Arthur totally went out of his way and into danger (and against his father!) to get the cure though! And Gwen kissing Merlin after he woke up? Aren't they cute too?!

1x05: Lancelot

Why hello there Lancelot?! You're kinda cute too, no? It really is a testament to how good Merlin's heart is, doing magic to fake Lancelot's nobility just to help him out. It's too bad Lancelot had to leave town, I just wish he'd do a return one day. King Uther, forgive him please?!

1x06: A Remedy to Cure All Ills

Edwin freaks me out. Merlin and Arthur worrying about Morgana was really cute. I love it whenever these two are in a scene together. And poor Gaius, being ousted by Uther because of Edwin. How could they trust Edwin so quickly!? I wish Uther knew it was magic that cured him.

1x07: The Gates of Avalon

I knew Sophia looked familiar! She was Charlotte in The Bad Mother's Handbook! Lucky girl's kissed Rob AND Bradley James!!! I know it ain't happening, but I really like Arthur/Morgana. Seeing her 'jealous' of Sophia was cute. I wish something would happen between Arthur/Morgana.

1x08: The Beginning of the End

Mordred is one CREEPY KID. Though he does remind me a bit of a young Merlin, I feel bad that Arthur helped save him when he'll be the one to kill Arthur (or is destined to at least) in the end. I love how Morgana and company totally defy the king. Merlin stealing the keys from Arthur is WIN.

1x09: Excalibur

Arthur, when you see a knight stand outside and not eat or sleep, don't you think he's a little out of the ordinary!? And Uther, I know you're the king, but don't be so full of pride. I feel bad cause Merlin got in trouble with the dragon. I wonder when Arthur will pull the sword out of the stone in the future.

1x10: The Moment of Truth

Look y'all! It's Chris from Skins!!! He's totally typecast as the nice kid that dies now, no? I love how Arthur came to help Merlin, Gwen and Morgana. I felt so bad for the villagers that had to fight, but I'm glad Arthur was there to help them. Also, Arthur looks good in armor, no?

1x11: The Labyrinth of Gedref

When I think unicorns, I think Sweet Valley and I miss it. I liked how Arthur was able to overcome his shortcomings and prove himself to be a good prince at heart. It's a nice peek into the future. And Arthur drinking from the cup to save Merlin just upped the bromance. So sweet.

1x12: To Kill The King

How could they kill Gwen's dad?! I swear I wanted to kill Uther for this. I'm so with Morgana on this one. I don't know why they just won't believe them. I love how Arthur let Morgana go and defying his dad. I know he isn't ready to be king, but at least his heart is in the right place.

1x13: Le Morte d'Arthur

I love how Morgana is a seer. Too bad she doesn't know it. I know it's a recurring theme of sacrificing oneself for the other, but Merlin giving himself up for Arthur's sake never gets old for me. And having Arthur topless in the finale? Totally freaking worth it. Thank god they didn't kill Gaius too!

I'm so excited to see series 2 not just because I'll be caught up but because of Merlin: Secrets and Magic. BBC, you know how to make fangirls happy!
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