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90210 02x11: And Away They Go

[90210 Media]
And we get our favorite zip code back this week with lots of surprises in store for everyone in the cast. I swear I kept saying "FINALLY" everytime things got revealed. This episode should have been entitled And the FINALLY let the truth come out, but I guess it's too long. Bonus this week: we get a new setting! I don't know if Beverly Hills is known for their horse races, but it was fun to see them somewhere else.

Liam Finally Screws Jen Over
I'm glad that Liam got his side of the story out but the look on Naomi's face when she finds out her sister screwed her over multiple times really breaks my heart. Just when she thought she had a sister on her side, everything gets shattered to pieces.

And though I'm firmly on Team Naomi/Liam, I can't help but feel bad for surfer girl Ivy just because she was cute with Liam too. When she kissed him in the end, in front of Naomi though, I could sense a war on the horizon. I hope Naomi doesn't take this lying down. Fight for your man!!!

Ryan Finally Bails on Jen
I know I was always on the fence with Jen, but it feels good to finally have her get dumped. She was really mean to Liam and I'm glad that Ryan finally saw the real her -- even if she was 'changing' when she was with him. Does this mean we get Ryan/Kelly again? I hope so. Because I don't like Harry/Kelly at all.

Silver Finally Cuts Through the Sexual Tension
Is it wrong of me to sooooooo want Teddy/Silver to happen for real already?!?! When he sent flowers and she went to him playing tennis and then they kissed, I swear I died. I never even liked Teddy but now that he's suppressing his feelings for Silver, I'm so in love with them.

And though I'm happy Silver and Dixon are friends again, I don't think I could handle a reunion for the two of them. Teddy/Silver all the way -- or at least for now. On a totally unrelated note: how do I style my hair like Silvers? Because I love it.

Adrianna Finally Decides To Be Clean
I'm glad Navid didn't forgive Adrianna right away. She needs to wallow and realize she wants to be clean and sober for herself and not for Navid. Although I hope in the future they actually get back together because I can't see either of them with anyone else. Plus I don't want Adrianna with Teddy -- he's Silver's!!!

Dixon Finally Forgives Annie
Poor Annie, she's the only one who didn't FINALLY dump Jasper just yet. At least she and Dixon are friends now, with him covering for her. I just wish Jasper would FINALLY get busted for drugs so that Annie can return to being her normal happy self and since Naomi's saying sorry now, maybe they can ALL be friends and ditch Jasper? I hope so.

And we get one more episode next week before the hiatus. I don't know when we get it back, but we get it back right?! this season has been so good so far!!! I hope it keeps getting better.
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