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Gossip Girl 03x11: The Treasure of Serena Madre

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I know it's the Thanksgiving episode, but I'm not quite sure if I should be thankful for Gossip Girl just because I'm not as hot about it as I was before. Sure, this doesn't stop me from making weekly recaps, because I'm anal about having started it and not ending it, but I really hope it gets better next week (with more Chuck), because I'm not feeling very thankful for this week's show. Or maybe I'm just tired.

S is officially a homewrecker
So much for my liking Tripp, I swear I thought they'd go this route, but brushed it off thinking it was too cliche for Serena to fall into the 'other woman' trap and well, she did. I was so happy that she was willing to break it off only to find out that Lily's been hiding something and therefore she must rebel.

But why Serena!? I know Tripp's getting divorced and all, but you've only known him a few weeks -- sure you've known him your 'whole life' outside the show, but he's married! And Maureen can do evil things!!! Oh and Blair was right with the non-support, so why is she allowing this now?!? Because Tripp said he left Maureen already?!?! This is not making sense.

N doesn't have enough pull with S after all
What would have made sense was for S to get together with pretty boy manwhore Nate. I mean sure, he's slept with everyone in the cast, but he's loved you since forever even if he did hook up with both V and Little J in your absence. But come on, this one has cuteness written all over it and S totally pisses on it and leaves him all depressed. Looks like we have a lonely boy v2.

And I have to say I love the Nate/Chuck bromance reunion. I love how Chuck is just so supportive of Nate and is always trying to look out for him. And let it be known just how wonderful Chuck's side plots are. Sure, he's nowhere to be seen, but look at him, berating Tripp for the grab ass in the elevator and staying with Nate instead of going to Paris. What a great guy.

E's a-plotting against Little J
Who knew Eric was so scheming?! He isn't a Van Der Woodsen for nothing. I hope his plotting is better than his sister though and does not involve gambling because we all know S sucks at that. I wonder where they're taking this scheming with Little J though. I like that Eric is in the show more, but I'd love it more if it were cutesy scenes with Jonathan.

So D is in love with V? Okay
Blah blah blah, there's no Olivia and V's mom tells Dan he's in love with her daughter. Great. Now you believe it Dan?!? After seasons of repression, have you let your feelings out?! I honestly couldn't care just because I'm not very into Dan/Vanessa. So please bring back Hilary Duff (never thought I would type this) and get Dan all cutesy again.

B Gets More Ridonkulous
I do not understand why they needed to give Blair this plot with her mom's false pregnancy. Eleanor is right, her daughter is getting crazier by the minute -- I'm glad someone addressed this. But it is kinda cute that Dorota's knocked up with the doorman's child. This is probably the plot I care most about, just because Blair will surely throw her a wonderful baby shower.

The Chuck ♥ Blair Picosecond

And because the writers actually decided to throw us a bone this week, we get half a scene of Chuck/Blair love. I don't know what else to say other than I wish we'd get more of this and LESS OF THE REST OF THE SHOW -- unless it's Nate being pretty or Olivia being cute. Oh show, please get better.
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