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So let it be what it'll be -- 47 Down/5 to Go[me]
[+] Though things haven't been all positive around, so many good things happened this week, that I can't find it in myself to complain.

[+] In fic-land, The Cannabean Betrothal Emancipation Proclamation How My Life Was Ruined in 14 Days all gave me great updates and I finally caught up with The University of Edward Masen. So very good.

[+] Caught New Moon with my office mates and because most of them are non-book fans and just wanted to see what I've been obsessing about, it's no surprise they're on Team Jacob. It was so much fun to see it with them though.

[+] Advent started this Sunday and it's crazy how I have not done any Christmas shopping. I'm so going to cram this all.

[+] Here's to the end of November and hope everyone has a good December!

I do get exhausted quite easily. I got home at an early hour and yet I wanted to sleep right away. Instead, I finally got working on my holiday cards. My tongue is seriously dry and probably all paper-ed cut up from licking waaaay too many enevlopes. It was fun though to do this while watching Merlin! I finally started and it's great. My laptop is being wonky and so I had it checked and apparently have to reformat my laptop to see if my DVD-R burner is already destroyed. I hate reformatting. This sucks. It totally ruined my evening. But I at least got to send out my holiday cards already! Productivity! I hope the cards make it to people before the New Year. I hate it when things fall through. I hate how a happy day can turn sour with a few lines. I hate being cryptic but I just don't want to jinx things. Here's to hoping things turn out for the best. In other news, no matter what, I still have the best manager ever. I don't think my first job would be half this fun if it weren't for her. I need to tell her more often. Office-crush interaction is very rare so getting a smile (which he does for everyone) or a poke (which is new!), gets me really happy. I swear it's pathetic how I'm not able to ignore his adorable self. Then I get ACTUAL interaction complete with coffee jelly for dessert and it's beyond me how spoiled I am with all this interaction.
I don't know how my week could get any better than this. More coffee jelly love -- he actually turned to look at my desk to invite me and my manager up with them! Then we had a New Moon extravaganza with all the girls in the sales team and my team! It's so fun to watch New Moon with girls who are really into it. Sure, they're pretty much enamored by Jacob's abs, but I can't blame them. Great day. I spent veganpunk_'s birthday watching Merlin all afternoon as I woke up late. But getting extra sleep is always a good thing. Then we had dinner at Omakase (close to being my favorite Japanese restaurant) and because my sister's boyfriend came along, he invited us for New Moon! Unfortunately, it was sold out, so we ended up playing bowling. My brother is apparently very good at this game. I had to wake up extra early to drive to Pampanga for my manager, Tasha's baby's baptism. It was fun to drive going there, but the drive home was killer. Traffic blows. It's a good thing the food was amazing and the company was even better. It's still beyond me, how Tasha (who's my sister's age) is already married with a kid! Still, Resty is a cute baby and I'd drive to Pampanga again for him.

coffee jelly and crocodiles
christmas committees please please please

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