Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Zac Looking This Good in a Suit Should be Illegal

Stop being so adorable, Zac Efron!!! Seeing him do his promotional round for Me and Orson Welles is giving me lots of eyecandy just because he's looking so handsome in his suits and ties. Plus watching him on Letterman? He's sooooo at ease with himself and just exudes this quiet confidence that I'm in love with. Still very jealous of Baby V. BRB watching High School Musical 3 again. I can't help it.

Making me swoon on Letterman

"Me & Orson Welles" Plaque Unveiling

I'm not sure who's with him in the photos but he sure as hell looks good with that beanie and shades and suit. What is up with me and men who wear beanies and shades?!?!? Looking good, Zefron.
Tags: red carpet, zac efron
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