Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Senseless Killings

It's still beyond me how the Ampatuan massacre even happened. Even days after the news broke out (I was in the office when I heard the news team behind me discussing this), I'm still not over it. I don't know if anything will come out of this senseless killing in Mindanao, but I pray that justice is served. It isn't even the beginning of the election yet and something this terrible happens. Will there be more in 2010?. [NY Times]
On Monday, on a highway cutting through a banana grove, a large force of gunmen — reports say around 100 — intercepted the convoy of family members and supporters of Buluan vice-mayor Esmael Mangudadatu, also from a prominent local Muslim clan. They were on their way to the provincial capital to file his candidacy papers for Maguindanao's governorship in next year's general elections. It's a position that [alleged suspect, Andal] Ampatuan's father had occupied unopposed since 2001 and which Ampatuan planned to contest to keep the seat in the family. The Mangudadatu group was herded to what appears to have been a prepared killing ground in a hilly area a few kilometers from the highway. [Time]
I'm just disgusted at whoever is at the helm of this plan and had premeditated these murders. I know you can't solve killings with more killings, but it would be satisfying to see those responsible be subjected to the same kind of torture they did to those killed. I don't care what your reasons are. There is no justification for mercilessly killing people.

What's sad is I really don't think any justice will come out of it. Call me a pessimist, but when it comes to things relating to the Philippine government, I've just resigned myself to the fact that nothing good will come from it. And it's sad.

I registered to vote in the upcoming 2010 elections and though I doubt my one vote could change the total evilness the country is ridden with, I'm hoping (though doubtful) that things will get any better.

It's just disheartening, cause I was so positive from Efren Penaflorida's CNN Heroes win and then we get this brutal massacre in Mindanao. I know it's not exactly patriotic to want to leave the country, I can't blame those who do. Also, I can't help but wish things were better for those who do get left behind here.
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