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Glee 01x11: Hairography

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Just what I needed this week -- a distraction -- and this was exactly what Glee provided with their distraction-centric episode. I honestly don't know how they just kep dishing out more amazing episodes because this week, I was once again blown away. I was laughing and almost crying and just enjoying myself all in the span of 40 minutes and my hair is still standing on end. Show, I love you. Stay awesome.

Sue Sylvester's Back Bitches
I missed Sue and what a come back she makes complete with spying and leaking set lists to the enemy schools. She really is out to see the Glee Club go down and though she's fun to watch, I feel bad for the gleeks if and when Eve and the deaf teacher decide to take Sue's advice.

I love all this Rachel/Will interaction. It's so wrong for me to see a teacher/student relationship (it so shouldn't happen but it's so fun to see then together). And anytime you get the boys to wear wigs is win in my book. Here's to hoping the rival schools don't actually listen to Sue.

I Still Don't Like You, Terri
I don't care if she's sort of starting to grow a conscience (but not really), the fact that she's still listening to her crazy sister (who got both beauty and brains), is making me sad. Quinn doesn't need any of this extra pressure right now and I feel bad that she's resorted to conniving with them.

And Mr. Schu. How sweet can you get buying a family car for you and Terri and your non-existent child to be?! I was really touched when Quinn gave Mr. Schu a hug though. He will make a good father, I have to say.

Quinn Needs to Pick a Side Soon
Speaking of good fathers, Quinn's got two boys wanting to be the father. On one hand, we've got the non-father Finn who's totally devoted to Quinn but is repressing his like for Rachel on the side out of obligation. On the other hand, we've got Puck, the father, who won't change himself for Quinn. How can you choose?! It feels like a lose/lose in both situations. Either way, she's got to choose and hopefully soon.

Finn's the One they Both Want
Kurt and Rachel bonding over the fact that they'll never win Finn's heart breaks me up inside. I love poster kids for unrequited love just because it's something so freaking relatable. Rachel sure does clean up sex up well, but I felt so embarrassed for her, like she did herself. I hope she and Kurt bond more and realize they both deserve better.

Happily Distracted With their Glee

I am officially fooled by the smoke and mirrors because their hairography worked and I am distracted. I love their choreography though and they were just so fun to watch. And they do have sort of costumes, Coach Eve! Yellow and black clothes are pretty coordinated already. I need to see their other songs for the sectionals!
You're the One That I Want v2
Whoa Rachel. Who knew she had it in her right?! The outfit looks smoking and when Finn said he was uncomfortable, something tells me it was an involuntary reaction to her showing so much skin and curves. He's so adorable telling her straight up what he was feeling though. If only he could be this open to Quinn. I want this song -- whole version please.
Papa Don't Preach
I absolutely adore this song and it fits Quinn so freaking well. Plus anytime Puck picks up a guitar, I am there. Therefore, this performance is totally cute. And those three boys are so going to be fantasizing about their hot babysitter throughout their adolescence. I can feel it. Puck and Quinn need to make this work somehow.
Hair/Crazy In Love
The deaf kids are right: they really do look crazy. From the wigs to the choreography to just how manic it all looked, this was one hilariously crazy mash-up. Though I love that we got some Beyonce (again), it was just so entertaining to watch. Mr. Schu was right. Brittany does do the best non-lame epileptic move. I need more Brittany.
This song got my hair standing on end. Seriously. It was so so so so beautiful and moving and I'm usually not one to be moved by song performances that had the intention of moving people. I love the deaf kids glee club just because it felt so sincere and real and well Mercedes and the gang singing the song was just so wonderful. Amazing stuff.
True Colors
This show is just tooooo damn good. I personally am NOT a fan of this song. I tried avoiding the ad that had this song years back, but when I heard Tina open her mouth and start singing this one, it was just soooo good. I'm actually listening to it on repeat cause it was just whoa amazing. Plus all those looks everyone was giving each other were really nice.
I can't believe there are just two more episodes till the LOOOOONG ass break. I don't know how I'll survive January to April without Glee. Oh wait, Idol is coming back in January, so I guess we'll still have our song fix. But I'm so excited for Glee's return. I don't know how they're going to top this one again next week, but I have faith. So far, it's all just been going up.
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