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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

It's Finally Here[Lion and Lamb Love]
WARNING: I am the EASIEST person to please and I'm no critic. So if this comes out as the most incoherent squeee fest you've ever read, don't say I didn't warn you.

After four watches at the cinema, I can say that I still do want to see it again. Not only to help break the already broken box office records, but because I really do love bringing friends to the cinema to squeee with me.

And though it may not be a cinematic gem worthy of Oscars, I'll give it to Chris Weitz, for elevating the series from where it was before.

I'm sure Summit was ecstatic with the first weekend, they managed to get their non-tweeting leads Rob and Kristen AND Taylor, to tweet their thanks to the fans.

Here go my disorganized train of thoughts. Not 265 things, I promise


  • Before anything else, all I have to say about Bella is, she is like a bazillion times more beautiful in New Moon than she was in Twilight and to think she was already stunning there. I guess the blush of her cheeks and the warmth of the red in her hair were more apparent in this one thanks to it's non-blue tint.
  • And though I'd love to enumerate each and every scene and comment on it, because Bella comes out in almost every scene and has either Edward or Jacob with her, I figured I'd just lump her in with the boys when I squee about them later.
  • Even when she's just waking up (I wish I looked this hot), looking at her boyfriend strolling towards her (I bet she's thinking, damn I'm so lucky); scrapbooking her photos she took (hello product placement from Canon); curling up on the forest floor; depressed and sitting on a chair staring out to nowhere, she looks beautiful. When she's recovering, she looks beautiful. When she's calling Jacob over and over thinking he has mono, she looks beautiful. When she's searching for her meadow, she looks beautiful. When she's struggling to swim against the current, she's beautiful. When she's frantic cause Edward wants to kill himself, she's still beautiful. When she's running across the square in Volterra, she looks super duper beautiful. Her hair in the sun, with the reds all around. She's just beautiful. And of course, in Alice's vision, when she's vampire!bella, she's ultra beautiful. At least she know show to run. Lastly, as she receives the proposal of a lifetime, she looks ultra beautiful. Their close ups are worth is cause she's so stunning. Props to the make up team because they made Bella, really live up to her name. So beautiful. My girl crush rages on.


  • How funny that the first time Edward appears, I already do not approve of his jacket. It doesn't matter though, cause the rest of his wardrobe makes up for this dream sequence jacket. It just felt like it was ill-fitting or the cut didn't flatter too much. Also, Bella's grandma is lucky no? Her hand gets to be touched by Edward Cullen's lips.
  • Quite possibly my most favorite Bella/Edward scene (not that there are a lot to choose from) but despite it's cheestastic lines, I really really like how Edward/Bella interact here with their garbled words and witty banter. So this is how Bella and Edward act as boyfriend/girlfriend. It's interesting really, cause you see Cullen cracking jokes and Bella being the needs-to-be-reassured kind of girlfriend. Cute, really.
  • Even their slight interaction in the hallway was amazing. When Edward asks why Jacob could give her gifts and he couldn't, I swear I chimed in a 'yeah' out loud in the cinemas. Their chemistry is just A+ and the way they react to one another felt so natural. I loved watching them together.
  • I couldn't help but laugh at how Edward was 'reciting' Romeo's lines. I know I was supposed to be swooning, but I couldn't keep it together and just had to cringe at how pompous it all felt. I'll blame Mr. Berty, Edward. Don't worry, I forgive you.
  • I'm glad he has a better coat for Bella's birthday. And though their cuteness in front of the Volturi painting was adorable, I really wish they'd say their lines clearer. It's a good thing I know what they're saying, but my sister was having a hard time. Then again, she's also quasi deaf.
  • I didn't think I could sit through the 'kiss me, it's my birthday' bit but seeing it strung together with everything else, it wasn't so hard, even with the moaning and grunting (an aural preview of Breaking Dawn fade outs perhaps?). I also like how they show how fast Edward is without actually showing him travel around the truck. Good job.
  • Do I wish Edward stayed the night? Of course, but at least they throw us a bone and show Edward in her bedroom even if it is without Bella. I don't know if I was supposed to cry during the break-up scene but maybe I've seen snippets of it so many times that it's lost whatever effect it was supposed to have, but I'll admit it was pretty sad. You could see how hard it was for Edward especially when he gave her the kiss on the forehead. Harsh goodbye, I tell you.
  • And finally we reach the hallucinations. I have to give it to Chris Weitz for creating pretty damn good special effects for this one. It looked really good. From his appearing in front of the bikers, to his third wheeling during motorbiking with Jacob; to his instructions to beg Laurent to spare her, and of course his attempt at stoppping her from cliff diving, Rosenberg did fairly well in writing him in and special effects did a fantastic job of putting him in. Edward looked kind of funny floating in the water with Bella though.
  • I love it when Edward does his strut. He did it in the parking lot and on his way to the Volturi. I swear my mind is screaming, 'blue steel' and 'Zoolander' while he struts his stuff and even Edward is laughing at himself, like in the parking lot. There was that 'I-can't-believe-I'm-doing-this' smirk on his face.
  • I LOVED how his silhouette was seen in 'Brazil' (cause we all know that was a studio with a Christ the Redeemer on green screen) but I thank my lucky stars that Rosenberg even included this!!! Finally! A shot of Edward, though only his back and hand crushing a phone. But I won't complain. I loved it.
  • Though we all saw the behind the scenes of Italy and the actual bits in the trailer, seeing it full length and for reals still did something to me. It still got to me, more than the break up and when Edward muttered, 'heaven,' I choked. Though I wish he'd have said, "Carlilse was right" I'll take whatever they give. It's not like we have a choice. But I absolutely love their reunion.
  • And of course the subsequent making out that happens. It's funny cause if they stopped making out and ran out right away, they wouldn't have gotten caught, but yeah, Jane and Demitri and Felix had to take them both down.
  • The Felix/Edward showdown was pretty kick ass and though it felt like Edward shouldn't be getting hurt like this, it was just soooo much fun to see action. I honestly don't remember that much action in the book so I'm glad to see some marble cracking action.
  • I'll say it later, but I'll say it again now, Alice's vision of vampire!bella is the funniest thing ever. Edward cannot run to save his life. But Bella does make a pretty fantastic vampire. Her sparkles look really good on her. And speaking of sparkles, they do look pretty good this time around. Practice makes perfect.
  • I'm so happy they included Bella waking up to Edward in her bedroom, but I was holding out for all the Bella/Edward holding each other in the car in Italy, on the plane ride, in the airport, in the car with Rosalie and Emmett, but hey, at least we got the bedroom.
  • And of course Charlie would come in, but I'm glad we got to sneak in some making out right before the voting. Because really, you can NEVER have too many kissing scenes. At least for me.
  • Brooding Edward standing off to the side while the voting happens soooo deserves to be told to shut up. I loved that line and it just felt so movie!bella rather than book!bella and I don't mind. I love how Edward is all woe is me, and Carlisle, why are you doing this, because it's sooooo him. I'm glad he got out-voted though. Turn her now!!!
  • It's sweet of him to thank Jacob and it's funny cause now Jacob and Edward both want Bella to remain human. And I'm really just excited to see how all three interact in Eclipse. Speaking of Eclipse, I don't mind that they lifted things from Eclipse and attached it to the end of New Moon, but I'm still expecting more from Eclipse and the proposal. It would be such a letdown if the 'marry me' in the end is all we get from the proposal. Nevertheless, great thinking on Rosenberg's part, I feel, cause it gives book!fans a tease, saying, it's from Eclipse! it's coming and at the same time movie!fans, will be all, what!? that can't be it


  • So my finding Taycob adorable in real life probably rubbed off on Jacob because I couldn't bring myself to loathe him. book!jacob, i did not trust. at all. But somehow movie!jacob, I truly felt for. Even when he wasn't so pretty in the parking lot giving Bella her birthday gift; or 'helping' out in the search party, he was still so cute. Even his wig looked better this time around.
  • Plus Taylor Lautner really hit the humor cues with this one. His chemistry with Kristen (friendly-chemistry) felt so natural and their banter on him being her mechanic friend just looked real. Sure, I don't buy the playing with the boys (Quil and Embry) horsing around, but at least he looked adorable while doing this.
  • And that entire montage of him fixing those bikes, I really really liked. Jacob feels like an entirely new person from who he was in Twilight and I can't believe I was actually feeling for him in the movie. It was funny to see them incorporate the 'age game' he had with Bella and how Bella turned out to be a cougar at one point due to their age difference.
  • But really, I like movie!jake just because he felt like a naive little boy just seeking Bella's approval and affection. He's constantly asking Bella what they'd do if he hadn't fixed the cars, or if she likes him, and yet, he can immediately brush things off and make it seem like it was really nothing by joking. Like how he lightened the mood when Bella declares how beautiful he is
  • And I've got to give it to Mike and Jacob for doing a little pissing contest prior to watching Face Punch. Their banter was pretty hilarious and though the post movie experience felt a little rushed, especially with Jacob getting mad so fast, I guess they had to condense things a bit.
  • When he held Bella's hand after the movie, I actually didn't notice it at first (or the next three times I saw it), if people weren't shrieking beside me, I wouldn't have picked up on it, so does that mean it was a subtle hand grab? Probably.
  • And because I have to comment on it, it's no wonder Taylor kept mentioning those damn 30 pounds he gained, you can totally see it. I can say for a fact that I didn't shriek when he took of his shirt at all, but I feel for everyone who did. I can imagine the shock. He's only 17. It's not fair he looks this way.
  • It's funny how the first thing Bella tells him is that he had cut his hair. I'm sure, Bella. I'm sure that was really the first thing you saw. Then she slips and 'breaks up' with him. Oh Bella, I swear, her head's in the gutter thanks to his body. Then he says 'it's not you, it's me' and I'm just laughing on the inside, because Rosenberg must have been high when she let this slip past the cracks. I'll leave it be, they're not supposed to be at their wittiest anyway. It's raining people.
  • I've always been impressed by Parkour (heck, we made a documentary in class in junior year), so I appreciated Jacob's akyat bahay gang style of climbing up Bella's window. Lord knows I don't have enough creativity in my brain to muster that up in my head if I read it on paper. And that bedroom scene was pretty good.
  • So many almosts happening. I swear it would have been so easy for Bella to just push him back on the bed and have her way, instead she touches his abs with a fist and fists his hair on his forehead. So restrained these two. Then of course, the hug where Bella's so afraid of touching him only to bury her face in his neck. I notice she likes to do this as a compromise for non-kisses.
  • When I read this part in the book where Bella rushes to wake Jacob up, I imagined him to be much bigger on a much smaller bed, but this one looked pretty real as well. And because we've all seen the previews/trailers too many times, I didn't really let it register when the 'Bella, run!' part finally came along.
  • And if I had to choose ONE scene where I thought Jacob looked at his most adorable, I'd choose the part where he's standing at Emily's house's door, post-rumble with Paul. He just looked so vulnerable and cute. Next would be the beach scene where he's telling Bella what a hypocrite she is and lastly would be when he drives her home the first time around and tells her he's got a vampire to kill.
  • Common theme? He's go this shirt on. As much as his body is to crazy ripped, my med student friends who are now on team Jacob were saying that they could study Anatomy on him. I'm sure they'd love that.
  • I'm glad they didn't show Jacob pulling Bella out of the water anymore cause that would require even more nudity on his part, but the drive home to Forks with him being all 108 degrees and Bella shivering was kind of cute. I don't know how hard it is to act like you're cold, but she looked instantly toastier when she cuddled up to the minor. Let's make sure we remind everyone of his age okay?
  • I actually felt really bad for him just because Bella really was sending mixed signals -- even if she warned him beforehand. Their almost kiss in the car, in the kitchen and her asking him not to draw a line that she was so willing to cross just made me feel bad for movie!jacob. And my little masochist friend, keeps coming back, saying he doesn't care if he's on Cullen land, begging her to stay 'for him,' I really wish he'd find a good love interest -- that isn't Renesmee. He deserves waaaay better
  • It's a good thing Edward can read minds, because I'm sure he would have so 'accidentally' run half-naked!jacob over in the middle of the road. His abs looked extra ripped in that shot. I guess we all know what he did while Bella was off in Italy -- work out some more.
  • And not even trying to use a pun, but Jacob's puppy dog eyes, as he listened to Bella say 'it's always been Edward' really does sting from a third party point of view. I feel him on his always being on the outside kind of feeling and though I'm still firmly on Team Edward, the movie definitely made me see how things could be on Team Jacob. And I respect that.

The Cullens


  • Look! There's so much more Alice (but still not enough) in this one! And she speaks! More than one line! If only for this, this movie wins on so many levels already. From her entrance, springing off the side of the stairs, to having so much pep in her voice as she asks Bella to show her the love (which Edward seems to find funny), Alice is just so adorable.
  • But I love the concentration she pours on Jasper when she tries to convince him that Bella's little papercut hadn't turned into a crazy ass gash on her arm. I really love that shot of all the Cullens from Bella's POV as they look at her like she's something to eat.
  • The first time I saw Alice return, I jumped from my seat, cause even if we see her in the dark, Bella's shock to see her still registers with me. Heck! I'd be shocked too! I'm really glad they have their little bonding session on the couch, even if we all know Bella just wants to ask about Edward. Her confrontation with Jacob about her 'not hurting' Bella showed how our little pixie could get fierce if she had to.
  • Though I wish there was an actual airplane scene where Alice was talking to Jasper about not making it out of Volterra alive, I'll take whatever scenes we got. I wish her coat were different in Italy, but her scarf and shades were so very pretty so I'll let it slide.
  • I love how casual she was while she totally broke open that huge door to be with Edward and Bella. She really is so perky and upbeat even when in the lair of the 'enemies,'
  • And though I'd like to think she was fast, apparently, they're not a very good match for the Guard of the Volturi. Demetri so had her locked quickly under his grip. Also, when she fooled Aro into thinking she'd be changing Bella, I swear I had a good laugh at her vision of the future. Sure, it's got Edward and Bella in it, and it is a non-certain future, but maybe it was so funny because it was from Alice's POV? I don't know, I won't make excuses for that scene anymore. It's just really funny -- though pretty.
  • I wonder how it feels to hug Alice, it must be pretty solid too, but as she ran to Bella and told her she already considered her a sister, my heart melted. I need more Alice/Bella scenes just because this friendship is so not highlighted enough. David Slade, I'm counting on you to play this up even more okay?!


  • Did Melissa Rosenberg actually make a shout out to Jasper's special powers in the first few minutes of the film?! She did! So Jasper even if your hair is fail, at least you got to influence Bella to accept the gift and the invitation to the party at your house. Great job! And how cute was Jackson Rathbone with that smirk on his face as he's about to greet Bella? Totally cute.
  • Of course, there's the famous vicious attack on the poor human. I really do like the special effects and stunt choreography that go so well together. It feels so much better and looks like it's fast and all. Plus the snarling and the pouncing on Bella looked real good. Go Jackson go!
  • I love how he's still able to laugh and smile in the end. Of course he'd vote yes! That would totally make him feel less afraid of his killing Bella. Good job, Jackson. Next up, Eclipse. He's got a hefty role there. This MUST translate to lots of screen time, okay David Slade?


  • I'm probably in the minority here, but i actually thought she looked better than she did in Twilight. Sure, Nikki Reed still didn't have a lot of lines, but it's not like Rose is a girl of too many words no? I wish she had worn something a tad more stylish though. The long sheath she was wearing to Bella's birthday did not seem like it would have passed Alice's standards.
  • Rose's explanation to her NO vote was kind of touching too. I'm really excited to see them delve into her storyline in Eclipse (as well as the rest of the Cullens). I also wish she got more cutesy moments with Emmett. All the other couples were standing so near all the time while she and Emmett barely touched.


  • I really do have a soft spot for Emmett ever since I read the books and when Kellan Lutz came in to play him, it felt like kismet just because he is Emmett for me. His wisecracks during Bella's birthday were things only he could pull off, "dating an older woman" and all and he just brings much needed humor.
  • When he picked Bella up and spun her around, I gotta admit I was jealous. Pick me up please? Don't you wish Edward would be this spontaneous with Bella and just be all out cute with her? Perhaps in Eclipse. I'm still hoping.


  • Elizabeth Reaser is one hot mama thus my confusion at how they managed to not bring out her natural hotness in this film. Sure, she's not supposed to be a MILF or anything, but she did land Carlisle, therefore must be pretty hot. AND, she can still be motherly and nurturing, while letting out her wild side.
  • And by wild, I do not mean the nice 80's side ponytail she was sporting in the last scene. I also vote that Esme gets more screen time. I've read too much fic and have fallen in love with Mama Esme too much to not see her have enough seconds on film. I'm glad she considers Bella family. Now let's go brush each other's hair, okay?


  • There is a reason why Dr. C is a DILF. Anytime P.Fach comes out on my screen, I'd seriously tell my seatmate, "I'd tap that." And I really would. I'm really annoyed by the lack of Cullen screen time, so I'm counting on the fact that everything is fine and cheery between Edward and Bella in Eclipse, to have waaay more Cullen -- especialy Carlisle.
  • I love how Carlisle immediately switches to doctor mode and totally is on top of things once Bella starts bleeding. You can so tell he's done this a bazillion times before and though I'm still squeamish watching him stitch up Bella, I'm just glad Daddy C got his screen time's worth.
  • Near the end, when he tells the sullen Cullen, Edward that he 'won't lose his son' and thus votes yes, I just thought of how Jennie Garth can tap that anytime she wishes. Raise your hand if you need more Carlilse in your life?

The Nomads


  • For someone with ZERO lines in this movie, Rachelle Lefevre brought it to this movie. Seriously. We get like three different shots of her and yet she does really well. Rubbing (was that mud?) mud on her face, her split second appearance after Bella sees Laurent with the wolves and her appearances in Bella's dreams, Victoria is fierce as ever.
  • And her hair!!! I love her hair. Her hair needs an entire spin off seriously. The way she ran through the woods with the wolves on her heels and how she faced off with Jacob? Total WIN. She's the most graceful vampire I've ever seen. Seriously.
  • When she was swimming the water towards bella, I swear I got a legitimate fear in me. I would never want to be in the water with her. And all this from a non-speaking role. That last shot of her peering above the water was the last we'd see of her and it made me sad just because I was really excited to see how she'd do Eclipse. I guess Bryce Dallas Howard has pretty big shoes to fill in now.


  • I really wish Edi Gathegi were James instead just so that we'd get one more movie with Cam Gigandet, but beggars can't be choosers. I have to give it to the prop department though. I felt they did a good job with making him pale. I'm not sure that's how pale he was supposed to look but at least he looked like a vampire other than his blood red eyes.
  • His banter with Bella had suspicious accent changes, but I'm not complaining. I was always suspicious of Laurent's accent anyway. His fight scene with the wolves was pretty bad ass though. I love how how they killed him. Take that, nomad!

The Volturi


  • My love for Michael Sheen only grows. He was fantastic as Tony Blair and I loved Frost/Nixon, and now seeing him as Aro? I never thought I'd see this come to life. I have the lamest imagination of all time so I didn't really have anyone in mind but when I saw
  • Everytime he'd open his mouth, to talk to Edward or try to get to read Bella's mind, he was just brilliant. His mannerisms were a little on the skittish-crazy kind and I'm just really really really wanting more Aro.
  • When he laughed after Jane failed to inflict pain on Bella, you could tell he was just enjoying it so much. I need to see more of the Volturi or just more of Aro and Jane because they deserve their own spin-off. Like now. Are you listening Stephenie Meyer?
  • Though he is described as having the face of a seraph, I have to say that I didn't see this description in Christopher Heyerdahl. From his flashback to his one line in the present, I swear they could have done without him. But I guess he contributes to the stereotypical depiction of vampires, so if only for that, I'll take him. And I can't wait to see his powers! I just want to see more of the Volturi please.
  • I guess we'll need the next few movies to see more of the other Volturi, because for someone as fabulous as Jamie Campbell Bower, we sure got really little of him and his ultra blond long hair. And despite his one line, he brought the fear on. Jamie is really a funny guy in interviews and I wish we'd get to see more of his character in Caius. I know he's like a centuries old vampire so there isn't much you can convey in two seconds but he sure felt more effective than Marcus to me.


  • One can never have enough Dakota Fanning. Despite the lack of her in this movie, I really just wanted more of her. The moment she marches in and tells them she's there to get the job done, I'm just blown away. This is why she's worked with Sean Penn and all those other big names. She's just made of really good stuff. I remember when she first got cast, I was so worried FOR HER, but then realized she'd give this movie a bit more cred. And she did.
  • The way she carried herself while inflicting pain on Edward and the subtlety in her lips when she realized Bella was immune to her powers just shows why she is Dakota Fanning. I love her.
  • So much for being Jane's twin, Alec didn't get much action either no? Although I can't blame Rosenberg, I don't remember him getting any action in the book either, so at least he got some lines in this one. Sorry but my loyalties lie to your twin though. But you're cool by association.
  • Daniel Cudmore is a HUGE man. I realize this when they enter the elevator and Felix practically fills the entire space. This elevator must have no weight limit because he alone would probably tip the elevator towards the heavier side. Kudos to the stunt coordinator on this one though, because his fight scene with Edward just blew me. Despite Rob Pattinson's general un-fit self, they made this one look pretty physical. I love it.
  • Charlie Bewley needs to be in more scenes with his 2000s boyband hairdo. Seriously. I love it. Too bad we only get a few scenes with him restraining Alice in the lair of the Volturi. At least he gets speaking lines, right? I wonder how much they get paid though.
  • I thought Noot Sear would have a pretty big role considering she was included in the Glamour photo shoot but apparently she has a split SECOND scene strolling in with the humans!!!! Though I have to say she was hot. But I really thought she'd have a bigger bit.
  • The thing with Gianna is, I knew she wasn't that central so I wasn't surprised that she didn't get a big role. I remember reading that they had cast her already and I was like, sure, okay... isn't she like not really in the books. And true enough, she wasn't. But hey, now she can put this in her portfolio.

The Wolfpack & The Quileuttes

  • My really lame imagination never let me form clear looks to all the wolves, even Sam. So when Summit did the job for me, I was more than happy to comply. The moment Sam's chest appears carrying Bella from the woods, I'm sold. Then he opens his mouth and it's smooth and just really solid. I'm won over. I love his voice.
  • Chris Weitz did me a favor by making Chaske Spencer cliff dive in nice form. That shot is just genius for me. We need to go bungee jumping together now please. But really, I just love Sam and his authority. The way he tells Bella to step back (though she doesn't), you can tell he's got some sort of power/influence and it suits him so well. Same goes for when he tells Jacob to bring Bella home. It's so authoritative. I like it.
  • But really my favorite scenes of Sam are when he's with Emily. I can't express how precious I find them. I never thought I would.
  • There was not enough Alex Meraz in this movie. I honestly thought we'd get a ton of screentime from him just from the media he's been getting but instead we get very little. I need more Paul's abs. He's one fo the few wolves that really had a ripped body. I need more of Paul just because. And why couldn't Leah just end up with Paul? He's hot.
  • Looks like not all the wolves are super cut and ripped because I thought I saw a paunch on Jared's tummy. Not that I'm complaining. My stomach is waaay bigger, but if I knew I'd be in a movie with my top off, I'd work out a bit. Maybe, they were told not to work out too much lest they outshine Jacob? Perhaps. It was cute how they were betting on Paul vs. Jacob though. He didn't want them letting out the trade secrets! And he said, "she runs with vampires!!!" That made my day.
  • Embry had nice long hair. Why couldn't Jake get nice long hair either? Still, it was fun to see Embry pre-wolf, dorky mode all fixated on girlfriends. Oh the lives teenagers lead. And when she tells Bella they don't bite, it was really just cute to see him so comfortable in his wolf-iness already. I like him more than Jared. Just saying.
  • They killed Harry! I mean I knew they'd kill him from the start, but seeing Victoria induce a cardiac arrest still got to me. He was funny. He did steal Billy's bonding time with Charlie, I feel, complete with fishing and stuff, but his quips with the kung-fu sort of reminded me of the Karate kid. I feel bad for Leah and Seth and Sue now. They have no more daddy. He feels like a good one too.
  • Where is the Billy/Charlie bromance in this one?! Why are they not bantering like old women?! I miss that! So maybe they weren't exactly given the opportunity, but I fully expect a full on bromance in Eclipse. I need more 'down with the kids' moments.
  • Also, when Bella stormed into Billy's house early in the morning, I just realized Billy's wife must have been EXTREMELY hot because I do not know how they could have spawned the cutie that is Taycob.
  • I really adored the Emily/Sam moments just because they're really really cute together. I feel bad for Leah already just because Sam was HER man and seeing how cute Sam/Emily are will just break Leah's heart. And though Leah's not my favorite character, I feel for her already. I really liked how she was so motherly to the younger wolves too. And hey, any girl that bakes gigantic muffins is A-OK in my book.
  • Despite his one liner screen time, it was funny to see just what a dork Jacob was pre-wolf-iness. Look at his friends! They're dorks! I love it. And taking their cousins to prom and fixated on 'older' women like Bella. Poor Quil. Who's he going to hang out with now that Embry and Jacob are wolves too. I can't imagine him turning werewolf.

The Humans


  • My love for Anna Kendrick knows no bounds. Seriously. From the moment she appears in the parking lot till she berates Bella for her being an adrenaline junkie (complete with kick ass monologue) to her saracastic happiness over 'movie night with Bell-uh,' Anna just keeps throwing the balls out of the park. If she does get her Oscar nomination, it's going to be so funny if it's attached to her name before the movie credits now.
  • She totally pulls off the entire monologue after the movie on Bella and the movie and consumerism and zombies and leprosy and then of course it goes back to her and Mike. Oh Jessica, only you can pull off such craziness. I definitely love movie!jessica over book!jessica only because Anna Kendrick brings so much fun to the character.


  • I never thought I'd enjoy movie!mike considering I was never book!mike's biggest fan. But Michael Welch really brings movie!mike to life with his first line, at the parking lot. Of course, he'd have to be the one sleeping during the Romeo and Juliet too. But I'm glad he got more screen time, asking Bella out and calling her out on her catatonic Edward-less days. Yes Bella, you are talking and you need protein. Therefore, you must see "Love Spelled Backwards is Love" with Mike.
  • I have to give Mike kudos for looking believably sick during the film. And yet not sick enough to offer Bella his hand in the dark, just in case she wanted it. His banter with Jake pre-movie and post-movie was hilarious just because anything Mike Newton does on screen, I will buy. Here's to more Mike.
  • I love how Christian Serratos is such a sex kitten off screen and yet totally virginal in the film and I still believe it. It's like I would never believe Lindsay Lohan to be a goody two shoes girl (post-Mean Girls). I know it's not a very good analogy, but there. I must say that Angela's hair gets an upgrade in this film. She's styling it now? Y/Y? And though I'm still not feeling her with Eric, she's really adorable whenever she comes out.
  • Justin Chon is quite possibly one of the funniest people to watch ever. His lines as Eric are always win. And of course they had to make sure he was the one crying during Rome & Juliet. Though I still can't see the chemistry with him and movie!Angela (I'm a sucker for book!Ben ♥ book!Angela), it was cute to see them flirt during lunch and talk about seeing "Face Punch!" We all need to see Face Punch.


  • Everytime Charlie appeared on screen, I swear I got really giddy. From the moment he greets Bella "happy birthday" to giving her gifts to joking her on aging, he's just perfect. He needs to be on my screen more. And how BEAUTIFUL is Bella while this is happening?!? I swear I wish to look THAT gorgeous waking up.
  • The look on his face while he's searching for Bella is just so precious. I remember reading the description in the book as him having a hard time carrying her, but he takes her anyway. I love how he was trying to contact the Cullens too. Of course he'd look for his daughter's boyfriend's family. They are suspicious looking folk
    - When I'd watch the trailers and clips, I'd sort of cringe watching Bella do the screaming in the nightmares. But when they'd cut to Charlie rushing in to soothe her and just be there with her, my heart would melt. book!charlie wasn't ever this demonstrative, so it's sooo nice to see movie!charlie so hands on.
  • I can't stop reitertaing how beautiful Bella was while Charlie threatened to send her back to Jacksonville. She looked so resigned to just existing day to day and not caring about anything that when she attempts to do things, it's so pathetic. And yet she's so beautiful. Charlie knows you hate shopping Bella!
  • Charlie, you may be a happy go lucky bachelor and permanent ladies man, but you are the best daddy ever. I love how he really tried getting through to Bella -- though i'm not sure pushing her to learn to love Jacob was the best idea, you could tell he just wants her to be happy.
  • And he said, "Always am" again when Bella tells him to take care while fishing! I see mannerisms repeated. Too bad he didn't cock his gun again. Perhaps in Eclipse, we'll see a repeat of the gun cocking?
  • Somehow frantic!bella really appeals to me. When she comes home from the Laurent-almost-attack to tell Charlie that she saw the wolves, I love how Charlie just trusts her opinion implicitly. Just one yes and he's out with the hunting party. That's love y'all.
  • Charlie + police jacket is total total hotness. Sure, he's a tad oblivious to a) Victoria up in the trees (though I can't blame him) but also to b) Harry cleaning up the paw tracks of the wolves. Charlie's losing his touch! but then again, he's also worried about his suicidal ish daughter, so can't blame the guy. Added to that, he had to freaking deal with the reviving his best friend who just died of cardiac arrest thanks to her daughter's vampire boyfriend's vengeful enemy. Oh the life Charlie leads.
  • But really in the end, as he grounds Bella for life and asks her never to do that to him again, I really just wanted to go up to him and give him a hug and tell him he's doing a great job. I really think Charlie needs some reassurance that he's doing an okay job. It's not you Charlie, it's really just your daughter. Well okay, maybe partially you. But more book!charlie than movie!charlie, so Billy Burke, you can rest easy.

And Just Because... Chris Weitz

I know it's pretty standard to kiss the director's ass when it comes around to press time, but I just felt like Chris Weitz's ass actually deserved to be kissed this time around. From the special effects (hello sparkles and WOLVES WOLVES WOLVES), to the way he brought the script to life, to the music and the score (thanks Alexandra Pastavas and Alexandre Desplat -- I think I need to be renamed a derivative of Alex to be good at music), to the camera shots and the production design and just about anything, I really feel like this movie leveled up.
I was so afraid that the movie wouldn't live up to all the hype I had brought upon myself, but it did -- even after the fourth viewing. Sure, the haters will hate and the critics will critique, but in the midst of a really busy work day and I find myself thinking of the movie, it just brings a smile to my face knowing watching it entertained me, just the way it's supposed to.

I'm sure there's room for improvement, as there is with anything but this one felt pretty close to perfection. Maybe it's just my easy-to-please attitude or the fact that I didn't read into it from a symbolic or political point of view, or dug up the subliminal messages it's giving to innocent tweeners (who aren't quite so innocent really), but it brought a smile to my face and that's all that matters. Please come out on DVD already? I need the commentary and special features stat.

206 Days Left to Eclipse
It's crazy how near that one is

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