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He Broke the Rules; He Had Lost His Way

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New Moon is barely on it's first week and Summit is already making sure the fangirls have more reason to salivate. I'm truly excited to see Remember Me this coming March 2010. Rob + Emilie are too cute to resist. And with what Moviefone has to say about Robert Pattinson's acting, I can't help but get excited.
The intensity of acting in the trailer, which features Pattinson effortlessly covering a variety of emotions, defines an actor coming of age
Here's to hoping this actually comes out over here at the same time. I refuse to wait longer.

Gandhi said, that whatever you do in life would be insignificant. It's very important that you do it.

I tend to agree with the first part.

Why do you think dad doesn't want to spend time with me?

She knows I'll take care of her, Tyler.
That's all there is.
That's all there is? Not enough.

You've been a ghost these past couple of weeks.
You don't want to go out anymore.
I've had enough of this introvert stuff, okay?

I'm already setting up an intervention here!

I don't date Sociology majors
Lucky for you, I'm undecided.

About what?

What is that?
This is our appetizer.

He can stand me up, but he won't stand you up.

You're kinda lost, aren't you?
You think you know me, but you don't.

My dad just doesn't know what's going on right now.
What's going on right now?

Someone's been trying to tell me something.
Make her yours forever

I'm working on the forever part.

Remember Me
a film by Allen Coulter
March 12, 2010

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