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why don't you say so -- 46 Down/6 to Go[me]
Despite the shitty real life moments, fandom was great to me this week.

[+] Emancipation Proclamation x2 + Mens Rea + Counterpoint x2+ A Constant in the Darkness + A Rough Start + Hydraulic Level 5 + SMUT MONDAY WITH AA5 OUTTAKE?!?! Almost all in ONE DAY?!?! The heavens opened up for me.

[+] Team Awesome doing the rounds of the talk shows. I haven't been watching late night or daytime tv for a bit, but they made me tune in.

[+] It finally came. The New Moon Premiere did not disappoint and thanks to Nikki, I got to watch Thursday night! Plus I love how my high school friends (Lee, Iza, Kim) are so supportive of my addiction. They actually put up with my craziness. Thanks for watching with me.

[+] Hope everyone has a great week ahead. 2009 is almost over. Whoa.

Mondays are always too long. I arrived early at work just because it's always harder to commute on a Monday morning. It's embarrassing how I sent am email CC-ing some pretty important folk only to mess up a date on the email. Funny story in hindsight, but totally mortifying. The day had nothing but good stuff: free Starbucks thanks to the sales head; streaming of the New Moon premiere thanks to ultra fast internet (even if I really didn't get to watch the whole thing, at least I knew I could have if I wasn't so busy with work and meetings). I seriously need better clothes. Since dressing up isn't quite required in the office, I go in normal clothes -- only to find out, we're presenting to a client at a hotel and somehow I feel totally underdressed. I guess it's time to step up the wardrobe a bit -- for real this time. Boo. My New Moon high was totally rained on by an annoying office happening. It pisses me off cause I hate it when things happen that make me feel incompetent. Thank god for the New Moon premiere because it totally lifted my spirits, especially watching with my cousin/fangirl Nikki.
I'm not meant to enjoy a pure New Moon high. On the way home from my 2nd movie viewing with Pamy (Nikki felt sick), a stupid truck totally scratches and dents my left back door while we're at a standstill in traffic. And he totally runs away. It wasn't so bad but I hope karma bites him soon. Caught New Moon with my high school friends who though aren't full fledged fans, are pretty supportive of my addiction. And for the first time in three days, there wasn't anything to ruin my high. Plus my parents finally coming home from Baguio was a welcome treat too. I didn't know how exhausted I was after my fourth watching of New Moon, when I got home, I totally just fell asleep and thus forgetting to do my Holiday cards, which I wanted to send out on Monday. Oh well, looks like you'll be getting them in the new year guys.
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