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Bones 05x08: The Foot in the Foreclosure

[Bones Online]
When even a geriatric can see the chemistry between two people, you know they're in denial. And this week, we get another member on Team Booth/Brennan: Booth's grandpa (aka Pops). If this old man that Booth trusts can't get Booth to wake up to his feelings for Brennan, then I don't know who will. So really, Seeley. Wake up and smell the roses corpses and do something (or someone named Brennan)!

Grandpa Booth Did Not Raise Booth Well Enough In The Ways of Love
Or so Grandpa Booth says. When it comes down to it, he did raise Seeley and Jared pretty well, but I guess Grandpa's bringing this up just because he can't see why Booth still isn't with Brennan with them being perfect for each other and all. And I love how he's totally just putting it out there, no qualms about it, because it's what Booth needs. Someone to just tell him straight up that he should be with Brennan and he's stupid for not doing anything. Go Grandpa. Please give Booth weekly reminders, okay?

It's All In there
I'm really crossing my fingers that both Booth and Brennan listen to Grandpa Booth's one-on-one heart-to-hearts because it's really a shame how they're still not together. Even the old man sees it. I love how Booth compliments Brennan's necklace right after. This is me hoping he's already making baby steps towards making sure Brennan knows where he stands with her.

Sorry Clark, You're Really Not My Favorite
And because it was my least favorite intern this week, no offense Clark, I wasn't so into the case this week. Still, I didn't know you could spontaneously combust. Well sort of at least. Creepy actually how the fat burning thing works, but hey, that's science for you. At least Booth and Brennan were awesome trying to solve this case this week.

Next week, I know we won't be getting any more Grandpa Booth but let's hope they take what he said to them to heart. It's eight episodes in already, let's see some action y'all!
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