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Rob, Kristen & Taylor Stay Up Late & Wake Up Early

Final Stretch[Everglow Media]
Summit sure pulled out all the stops with the TV appearances for the trio, spreading them out to virtually every talk show you could think of. I don't know how I managed to see them all. I can't believe they'll be repeating all these again in a few months for Eclipse.

[+] And it's starting. New Moon broke the box office record for midnight screenings with $26.3 million earned. It just beat Harry Potter and The Dark Knight. Whoa. [MTV]

[+] Here are thirty four hilarious, non-srs-bsnss reasons you should watch the movie even if you haven't read the books. This is why I love you, NYMag! [Vulture]

[+] Part 2 of the best interview ever is finally up! This woman needs to be at every junket this movie has. It's guaranteed to be totally different from the million other interviews out there. [No Good TV]

And for personal purposes and because I'm still too lazy to do my New Moon thoughts, I thought I'd just dump all those damn interviews in one place so one day, if these things haven't been removed just yet, I can get tired for the trio again as they did the press tour this time around.

Kristen On Conan O'Brien

Two things I love in this world: Kristen and Conan. And boy did Kristen look smoking in this interview. The dress was just divine and she was so funny with the hair touching and just looking adorable. I love how comfortable she seems this time around. Plus her story about her dad being proud was just precious.

Taylor on Jay Leno

And since Jay Leno still has a show albeit not on late night, we get Taylor in another suit looking all grown up next to Mr. Leno. I'm not used to seeing Leno without the desk, but it was funny to see Taylor get all flustered with past videos of himself. Those are always embarrassing.

Rob on David Letterman

I'm glad Rob got David Letterman this time around cause Kristen + Dave last year wasn't exactly the best combination. Then again, maybe she's just really waaaaay chill this time around. But it was funny how Rob and Dave bantered about the 'bite me' phenomenon and just had a laugh. Of course he had to bring up the Rob/Kristen rumors too. Go Rob with the vague, cryptic avoidance.

The Today Show

Kristen | Rob | Taylor
Kristen looked amazing on the Today show despite having a cold. And she got all the hosts to interview her too! Special treatment? I like it. Seeing Matt Lauer and Rob together makes my ovaries explode. I know, I crush on Matt Lauer okay?! And it was so refreshing to see Taylor NOT IN A SUIT. Thank goodness he looked his age for once.

Live! With Regis and Kelly

Kristen | Rob | Taylor
And another lucky morning show to get all three of them albeit one every day. Regis Philbin is pretty funny, I've never really noticed, but his chemistry with Kelly works and it's no wonder this show is still on. Despite being sick, Kristen was really cute and as bubbly as she could get and Rob was just as handsome as always. Taycob, please stop being adorable.

Kristen on Jimmy Fallon

PART 1 | PART 2 | Kristen Throws a Football
Kristen just got 10000x hotter in my eyes, not that she wasn't already. Throwing around a football and breaking plates, 3 out of 5, is pretty damn good. Plus, she looked really good in her mini dress and blood red lips. I love how she's mucho comfortable now and Jimmy seems to have a crush on Kristen with all his fanboying around her. I love it.

Taylor on Jimmy Fallon

PART 1 | PART 2 | Taylor Races on a Mini Bike
Jimmy Fallon wins best gimmicks. The fact that he got Taylor really competing to win the minibike ride inside the studio is just pure win. He's pretty good at the minibike thing too! Is there anything this adorable kid isn't good at?!

Rob on Ellen De Generes

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
Rob did a repeat guest appearance on Ellen. That's two years in a row now. I hope he continues to do so because he and Ellen just get along so well. Rob looking at his childhood photos was really hilarious. But Rob seeing himself in those modeling shots? Pure win. That's sheer embarrassment right there. Plus, it's always fun to see his family in the audience. Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson seem to enjoy going to this show so much.

The New Moon Trio on Jimmy Kimmel Live

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
If only for the sheer length of this interview and the fact that all three stars were present at once on the same couch, I have to give it to Jimmy Kimmel for getting this deal. It wasn't so fun to watch them field questions from the 'fans' in the audience, but it was a funny one nonetheless.

Knoxville Screening

Lucky KnoxvillePhoto courtesy of twilightxchange
</center>Not sure what Kristen and Taylor were doing in Knoxville or why it was chosen to begin with, but lucky fans got a glimpse of them. And I'll probably do a Kristen-fashion post of all the stuff she wore during this tour, but I'm really easy to please and have no complaints. She looks good in Jason Wu (very First-Lady-like). I'm happy.

New York Screening

New York, They Love YouPhoto courtesy of Lion and Lamb Love
I would never have thought Kristen could wear this color, but she looks amazing in her green Valentino dress. I'm sure the coat is designer too. Rob looked dapper, and freshly showered. I'm loving all this Taylor/Rob bromancing. And I see you TomStu! Ashley, Elizabeth and Nikki looked really good too. The question is, where the hell is Jackson!? Why are you always missing in action dude?!

'New Moon' Morning TV Roundup [PopWatch]
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