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Glee 01x10: Ballad

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And we get another song-filled episode that also happens to have a lot of plot in it! Hooray! We get two for the price of one. And this time, we have lots of revelations and people getting hurt and other people pining for people they shouldn't even consider liking that way. I swear I'm glad my high school wasn't filled with this much drama, but at the same time, I wish it were this fun too, complete with singing all the time.

I Wish It were Puck at Quinn's Dinner Table
As much as I feel for Quinn being pregnant and out of the Cheerios and in high school, I don't think it justifies how she treats Finn. It's not even Finn's kid and he's taking all the responsibility so the least she could do is be nice to him. Now she can be mean all she wants if she's with Puck already. but something tells me that's a shitload of complication right there. She's so pretty though.

Kurt Is Honestly in Love with Finn
Finn/Kurt have got to be my new OTP. I totally agree with Kurt when he says he doesn't understand why he's so attracted to the stupidity. I know in the long run, you won't have much to talk to Finn about, but he's just so adorable and the way Kurt is helping him through this baby mama drama makes me love him more. And my T Zone is also dry, Kurt. Got anything for me?

Rachel Is Crushing on Mr. Schu
I can't blame her for crushing on her teacher (though this did feel like it came out of nowhere), especially when your teacher is Will Schuester and the others are like Ken Tanaka. But it's just funny how silly and obsessive Rachel can get, complete with cleaning the toilet bowls. Oh Rachel, Pepper is right. Get some dignity girl!

Hello Song and Dance Portion

Endless Love
This was never my favorite song, but the way Mr. Schu is scared about how Rachel is singing it was hilariou. His facial expressions were just downright terrified by her. Great voicing though. As usual. Mr. Schu needs to sing with everyone.
I'll Stand By You
Oh look at Finn singing to his non-baby. I love how his dynamic with Kurt is and how supportive Kurt is of this entire pregnancy fiasco even if he's got his own hidden agenda. I wish they'd have shown Kurt singing 'I Honestly Love You' though.
Don't Stand So Close To Me
SO FREAKING FUNNY. The lyrics are just downright exact and the look on both Emma and Rachel's faces are just priceless. Mr. Schu needs to de-sex-ify himself or the panties are gonna keep dropping while he moves that way. Wrong move, Mr. Schu.
I didn't think this song would ever make it to this show, but it did and it makes me love the show even more. Oh Rachel choosing such a blatant song while she sings it creepily from the backseat. Only Rachel can do so with a really good voice.
Having my baby
FINN IS THE MOST OBVIOUS BOY ON THE PLANET. Well that's one way to get the message straight across to Quinn's parents. if only it was actually your baby Finn. I have to say Finn's voice is getting better each time.
Lean on me
Just all around cuteness and I love how the entire gang got together to make something for Quinn and Finn. I wonder why Puck went along though. I also come to realize that I really like Artie's voice a lot. It pays to be a former boybander indeed.
I have to say I watched this episode while getting ready Friday morning just because I was on such a New Moon high on Thursday evening that nothing was going in. I can't wait for next week's episode. Still the most entertaining stuff on TV now.
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