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90210 02x10: To Thine Own Self Be True

[90210 Media]
This week, we get a little bit of everything -- quite literally. Almost everyone sans Teddy/Surfer Girl, I think everyone had a bit part and their storylines all sort of moved forward. It's hard to believe we're already 10 episodes in just because I'm not counting episodes like I sometimes did in season 1. The episodes are on a constant level of surprisingly good. It's amazing how much this show has improved. I approve.

Annie's So In Denial
Pushing Navid down the stairs doesn't help things Jasper. He's obviously troubled and I'm scared he'll flip when he finds out that Annie did run his uncle over and was only with him in the beginning out of guilt. I just hope Annie gets out of this unscathed cause she's already so damaged as it is.

I'm glad Harry and Debbie (I just realized the Wilson's names put together spell Blondie's lead singer's name) tell Annie up front about what they think. Go Dixon too, for standing his ground with Jasper, not so much on the Sasha issue though. Get over it dude.

Adrianna Needs to Get Her Act Together
I just want Adrianna to get better and I'm truly happy that Navid told Naomi about it. At least now the two of them know. I don't think Naomi could give up on Adrianna for good. I feel this is just a temporary thing until Adrianna finally gets help for herself. I'm just glad Naomi knows now.

Naomi and Liam Need to Forgive Each Other
Go Naomi for coming clean to both Jamie and Richard? Who knew Jamie was such a moral pillar! But what makes me really happy is that Naomi admitted to not being over Liam. Now it's easier to bring Jen down just because there is possible hope for Naomi and Liam to put out a united front.

Jen Actually Comes Clean?
Too bad Jen's coming clean to Ryan cause they just added another good girl point for her and now she's got Ryan on her side in case the boys do decide to 'bring her down.' I doubt Ryan'll give up that easy. But still, it was cute to see Jen try to go along with Ryan. Though I HIGHLY doubt she set up the ten. That's what servants are for. I'm sure she found someone.

Silver and Kelly Are Finally There For Their Mom
And finally, I'm sad for Kelly and Silver but at least they all got to say goodbye. Great make up for Silver though. She looked real distraught and all -- still pretty though. I wonder if Teddy will attend the funeral. You know Silver needs a shoulder to cry on now. *Patty brews evil thoughts* I'm actually looking forward to next week. Go 90210.
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