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And We're Down To One (Day Before New Moon)

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I've come to terms with the fact that I will NEVER be able to catch up on all things New Moon. Just when I thought I was done with the Press Junket, we get loads more from it AND then the LA Premiere Red Carpet. This is me, NOT complaining, just to be clear.

[+] I wish Kristen was in Unscripted with Cweitz, Taycob and Rob. It would have been too awesome. [Moviefone]

[+] My love/hate relationship with VF is slightly less hateful with their cast Proust Questionnaire. Interesting stuff. [Vanity Fair]


[+] Not that I needed reason to watch New Moon, but if you aren't, here are 5 reasons that might ( but may not) change your mind. [Cinematical]

"You can’t prepare for this. It is just insane. I don’t know how the Beatles felt but I imagine it was perhaps close to this. I think very few human beings will ever get to experience the same feelings and love we feel at Twilight events." -- Robert Pattinson

"The only reason you make movies is for people to see them and hopefully love them. I feel like doing interviews tonight at this is just boring. I would rather spend the time hanging out with the fans because I have done a hundred million interviews and they all know what I have to say." -- Kristen Stewart

"I suppose I would like to keep [the series] to four movies, unless they really feel like they can’t condense the last book into one movie properly. But I think we can do it as one, it isn’t that much longer of a book. But I don’t know anything about what they have planned. We don’t even have a director, that I know of, or a start date. I think they are probably going to wait and see how this one does. Because the movies cost more to make as we move along and do more special effects." -- Nikki Reed

"We want to make a fourth film, and to get to that goal, Two and Three have to make some money, and the way to do that is to get butts in seats. And so we have to keep the fans happy. Two and Three are edgier and darker. There is more action….It isn’t all about Rob getting all kissy-faced. They are sexier. Three is gonna show how badass us vampires can be. [Eclipse director] David Slade has such an eye for that dark action." -- Kellan Lutz

"These kids are so supportive of the film. They even want my autograph and I am old enough to be their dad….I don’t envy what the main three have to go through everyday. That’s why Kellan and I held hands off the plane. If they want a circus, we’ll give them a circus. We were just having some fun. And by the way, we already broke up." -- Peter Facinelli

" “Fans] want so badly to see the books come to life that you get the feeling that they would show up for anything, but I think this film dives deeper than the last one into the legends and the romance and the love triangle, and there is more action, and now we have werewolves, too. So I feel like they are going to be happier with this film. At least I hope so, because the one thing that would really get us in trouble and put the fourth film in jeopardy would be not making the fans happy. If they walk and don’t support New Moon, I don’t think there will be a fourth film." -- Anna Kendrick

On the scene with Robert, Kristen, and inappropriate fan signs [Hollywood Insider]
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