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Gossip Girl 03x10: The Last Days Of Disco Stick

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Based on the utterly stupid decisions made by characters on the show this week, it sort of feels like they haven't actually graduated from high school. Almost everyone exercised poor judgment and it's hilarious how out of all of them, it's Chuck Bass (and well Nate too) that seem to be sort of the moral compasses of this show. When Nate Archibald calls you stupid, you know you're in deep shit.

Stupid Decision # 1: S hooks up with a still-married man
Oh Serena. Even after all this cuteness with Nate, you still go to Tripp! He's still married!!!! I feel bad for Nate. He seemed really un-dumb and not-so-flat this week and he still doesn't get the girl. And he loses a girl he 'loved' to his married cousin of all people. Some guys have ZERO luck.

Stupid Decision # 2: Little J Gets Caught Up With Drugs
I don't care who this drug dealer is, when Chuck Bass tells you to stay away from his ex-step little sister, you better listen. I love how Chuck's trying to parent Jenny -- when two season ago, he was trying to rape her. Look how far he's gone. That ain't not character arc, that's like a spiral or something. Point is, Jenny should totally just become a junkie so Rufus can teach her a lesson cause she's so not listening to Chuck. BOOOOOOO.

Stupid Decision # 3: D Does Not Choose a Stranger for his Threesome
Possibly the stupidest decision Dan's ever done thus far and I feel horrible just because it's the last we'll probably see of Olivia. And I LIKED HER. And since when did Dan have feelings for Vanessa!?! I just don't get where this is all coming from now. I guess they need to see if the couple works for audiences? Well, I can predict a NO here but hey, let's show the writers okay. I want Olivia back though.

The Chuck/Blair Nano-Second

And in an even shorter segment of the Chuck/Blair show, we get ONE MEASLY SCENE in the beginning!!! How dare you writers?! Sure we get lots of Blair scheming and still being childish, but I wish they'd throw us a bone and throw in some Chuck loving right? But no, we get half a second of them and just a peck. HBO, please pick up this spin-off now.
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