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Kristen, Rob and Taylor are Blood Buddies

I'm on Team Awesome[Entertainment Weekly]
I'm not a complainer by nature, so when I say I wish there were more outtakes, I mean it in the most non-complain-y way ever. How can Entertainment Weekly not release outtakes from this shoot of the trio when they all look so adorably awesome in the few shots they've posted (cue squeeing with the kisses).

Perhaps I'm just a little premature in my request. Maybe it'll be like Rob and Kristen's 2008 EW cover, wherein we still keep getting outtakes a year later. Maybe? I hope so.

One thing's for sure. What it lacked in multitude of photos, it made up for in quotable quotes. Roundtable discussions are fun just because the trio already have such great rapport and bounce off the others answers so easily. So EW, I'll be patient and hope you release some outtakes. For now, I'll appreciate Team Awesome.

The amount of time we have to spend with each other
-- if I didn't like these two, It would be exhausting.
And there's all these people that
we as a group don't like.
So if we didn't have each other...
What are you talking about?

I've never felt
so objectified in my life! [laughter]

Seriously, it's a trip to sit back
and look at the sexual objectification
of these dudes.
I've never been asked to do
any of this stuff.

On Chris Weitz
He met with each of us
before he had the job.
That guy's a saint.

He's such a nice human being,
he makes you feel
morally dysfunctional

He literally says,
"Bella please stop trying to take your clothes off."
While he's shirtless!

[assumes haughty baritone]
"Please, Bella, that's disgusting!
Leave the nudity to me."

Which of Robert Pattinson's costars does he find the most difficult? His hair. [PopWatch]
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