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I was damned by the light coming out of his eyes; He spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky

By The Broken Tree -- 45 Down/7 to Go[me]
[+] TSwift's Fearless had some competition with John Mayer's new album. AMAZING! Heartbreak Warfare owns me. Thanks stellarmoneca!

[+] In fic-land, this week I was able to read My Life To Be, The Cannabean Betrothal and of course on schedule, The Training. Freaking awesome updates at that.

[+] New Moon Fever Was Everywhere! I'm tired just following it. I hope Team Awesome doesn't collapse from exhaustion, cause I did.

[+] I've been out-ed as a Twilight fan in the office so it was great when someone from mobile music gave me a HUGE ASS Twilight poster!!! So sweet! Now where to put it?

[+] Also, LAST CALL FOR HOLIDAY CARDS. I'm sending them out before Friday so holler if you want one! Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead of them!

Woke up pretty early despite not sleeping so early and being exhausted from the 3K. I'm more shocked that my body isn't hurting all over the place after so I'm kinda proud of myself for that. Also, I need to work on my peripheral vision skillz. I'm blind enough as it is, it wouldn't hurt if I didn't need to crane my neck waaay to the left everytime someone passed by right? I kept yawning today despite sleeping early the night before. And even while watching Gossip Girl, my eyes were drooping. I wonder how much sleep I need to feel more energized. My body may not hurt after the 3K run, but I guess my body is asking for more rest. Perhaps I'll catch up on some more this weekend? Gotta be prepared for my New Moon marathon next week after all. I wasn't feeling too well during lunch and I wasn't feeling pretty either, so it's funny how of all days to be in the elevator with office crush, it had to be today. It wasn't bad. It was just quiet. My manager was with me and lord knows she kept it cool -- she's normally more obvious in her giddiness for me but I couldn't bring myself to look at him other than a nod to his hello when we entered. I'm so lame. Horrible start to my day that was totally salvaged by 10 seconds in the elevator with office crush. And this time, it was just the two of us (well plus one stranger) during the trip between the ground floor and B2. We actually talked. He talked. To me. He started it (granted he overheard me this morning with my car troubles, but still!) Reminder to self: he has a girlfriend.
Exhaustion much? I had so much fun at our whole day, seminar away from the office! But then when I try to go to the mall after to buy books, the traffic is sooooo bad and then I realize it's payday Friday AND there's a sale. Biggest mistake ever. IT's a good thing I was able to pick Pietro up. Cause other than that, I didn't get anything accomplished at the mall. Boo. I didn't realize how exhausted I was from my week as I spent the entire morning sleeping. Lazy days are lazy and I love them. Watching Bones + reading fic + re-reading New Moon is a fantastic way to spend your Saturday morning, afternoon and evening. I reccomend this to anyone who is too lethargic to get out of bed except for meals. I need more lazy lazy days. I'm not a boxing fan at all. but there's something about Manny Pacquiao that makes me want to support him whenever he has a fight. My dad is possibly his biggest fan and we all have to be quiet while he listens to the commentary on the radio (cause TV is a delayed telecast). And really I'm just glad he won. SEVEN TITLES in different weight divisions? GO MANNY!

I've never looked forward to elevator rides more
One day, i'll have the best parking slot too
right next to you the entrance, like you said

Tags: 2009 weekender, first job, malls, siblings, tag-less boy, transportation
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