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Bones 05x07: The Dwarf in the Dirt

[Bones Online]
This week's Bones brings it with the guest stars and the proclamations of love (though not where you'd expect it from). Either way, I'm just glad I made a decision to start this show this year because it's got to be one of the smartest decisions I made all year. Thanks dorkfish04 for not giving up on convincing me! Here's to hoping things progress even more positively with Booth/Brennan. Baby steps for now.

Mr. Nigel Murray is back and still cute as ever
I am so glad to see Nigel Murray back on Bones. I guess with Mad Men finished, he can go back and shoot with the Bones gang? Either way, this makes me very happy just because I get twice as much Nigel Murray this tv season. Here's to more of him!

Just wondering though, what was up with the multitude of squints that came in to have Cam sign papers while she was with Nigel Murray?! Are they setting something up? Or am I reading too much into things? Just wondering.

Chef Gordon (Gordon) Wyatt + Sweets = Psychology's Best!
I love Sweets to pieces and I love Gordon Wyatt as well. So seeing them together and joining forces to make Booth realize that he does love Bones is an A+ plan. Plus it's just nice to see Sweets conferring with the veteran Wyatt when it comes to his profession.

Plus, they double-teamed on the case this week and it was fun to see Sweets do the interrogation! I love it how Booth's trusting Sweets so much now, as compared to how they treated Sweets when he was first introduced. Here's to more Sweets!

Brennan Likes Her Boys Good (Like Booth, Right?)
I like how Booth isn't afraid to ask for help. Sure, he couldn't go to Sweets, but at least he sought out Wyatt. He's obviously worried that his tumor made him out to be a lesser man, so I'm glad they helped clear things up with him.

"She doesn't love me. I would know if she loves me"

Would Booth really know if Bones loved him? I loved his conversations with Wyatt for the reason that he got so flustered when Gordon even mentioned Brennan and his repressed feelings for her. At least someone brought it up with Booth. Step one over, a bazillion more to go before they get together.

When a man can't have the woman that he loves, he gets a bit crazy
Still, despite the lack of hand-holding in this episode, we still get lots of cute moments, complete with Bones saying she liked her boys good (and Booth giving her side glances). Brennan is so hilarious as she tries to adapt and make jokes and repeats herself. Their chemistry is just undeniable and they're too too awesome together.

But in the end, when Bones goes along to the shooting range and Booth hits all the damn marks right in the chest? I totally died. I wish she'd given him more than a thumbs up, but that would have been a bit OOC for now. Was it too much to wish for a hug?! Next week, maybe we get more? I hope so. But as always, fantastic Bones episode.
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