Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Nueva Luna Says Hola in Madrid!

Madrid, You're So Lucky[Twilight Images]
And we're down to LESS THAN A WEEK (6 FREAKING DAYS) till New Moon lands and I'm positively all giddied up. And with Team Awesome's latest stop in Madrid, I can barely contain how excited I am for the actual thing.

[+] Some left over from London: Rob, Kristen and Taylor on T4. The interviewer is really as he pits Rob and Taylor against each other -- complete with fake quotes to incite a comeback from each other! [T4 on YouTube]

[+] We also get some Volturi Love! Michael Sheen is just awesome. I love how they pick on Dakota for not bringing them gifts from Italy. Plus 'just a dude' has a good one with Taylor and Kristen and Rob too. []

Now we're down to Munich and the talk shows and premiere. If I were Team Awesome, I'd be shooting up coffee into my bloodstream. I'm exhausted just following all this.

Tags: kristen stewart, new moon, red carpet, robert pattinson
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