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An Unexpected Hiatus for the Girl who Loves Her School (it's not me!)

Paola has typhoid fever. The hospital finally returned her test results and apparently she has this. I don't even know how she got it. I don't know how anyone can get it. Still, they said that the medicines they gave her have to take effect in a few days or they'll have to confine her in the hospital.

Hopefully, it's the former rather than the latter. I know that I get annoyed at her a lot of the time, but I'm really worried for her. In fact, I was so worried that I gave her the Oreos Shrek-style I got this afternoon. That's a big thing, because I really wanted to eat those Oreos.

I think I better stop teasing her. She looks really sick right now. Pray for her when you have the time. I think she really needs it. She's been missing so much school work and she hates that. A weird kid indeed. Get well soon, Pao.

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