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Glee 01x09: Wheels

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Despite the lack of Emma or Tanaka (perhaps at their wedding?), this was the MOST emotionally charged episode EVER. I can't even coherently type anything out just because I'm still all choked up from it -- and despite the sappiness, I felt it was real and not too cheesy. Or maybe that's just me. Bottom line: welcome back show, great job.

Puck Can Provide For His Baby Momma
How can we deny the cuteness that is Puck/Quinn?!? From the food fight to him lying to get drugs for the cupcakes and stealing money for her, Puck just shows how determined he is to provide ANYTHING for his baby girl. And despite the lip service Quinn is playing telling him to back off, I have a feeling she's going to cave in soon.

Because her constant putting Finn down is already getting to him. And though Finn was able to get a job (with Rachel's help), you can tell he's only doing this out of obligation. When he gave her a lift to class on his lap, I was sad for ALL three of them. They're all going to end up hurt in the end and I'm scared to see how that turns out.

Sue Wins At Life
I knew Sue had some sort of 'redeeming' quality and letting Becky join the team and treating her just like Sue treats everyone else was the sweetest thing ever. And then the reveal of Sue's sister was just perfect. I swear the tears started pouring when she brought out the book and they held hands. I need more of Sue in my life, good or evil. She's just so fantastic. Jane Lynch, you are my idol.

Kurt Tries To Defy Gravity
I really really love the Kurt/Kurt's Dad relationship and just how supportive his dad has gotten with him being out. I love how Kurt was willing to give up things for his dad, just like how his dad was sacrificing for him. What I need to see is Kurt in cover-alls. I bet those are stylish too.

Artie Needs To Get With Stutter-free Tina
And despite being named Wheels, there wasn't exactly an abundance of Artie, but I'll take what I can get. How adorable are he and Tina who apparently, doesn't stutter?! I get that he'd be hurt that she lied about it, but I'm hoping he gets over it soon because I really like them. They're even cuter together.

So This was a Narrative Episode? Needs More Songs

Dancing with myself
I love Artie's voice and his guitar performance for this song was just really sweet. Rolling around on stage and around the school, while admiring Tina from afar was really just precious and thus I need more Artie singing in my life. I like his voice! Also, handling that wheelchair is no joke. I wouldn't get anywhere with my zero upper body strength. Go Artie.
Defying Gravity
WOW. Great vocals for them both. I feel sad that Kurt threw away the solo for the sake of his dad, but their duet on this one was superb. Reminds me of "Maybe This Time" and though I'm not Wikced's biggest fan (that's celeni), I enjoyed this one so much. BRB listening to this one on repeat. Their voices are just wow.
Proud Mary
How adorable are all of them dressed a la Artie with the suspenders and in the wheelchair. And to learn this routine sounds tough, and they all do it so flawlessly. I love how creative the choreographers of this show are. From the jump rope routine of the Cheerios in the beginning to Artie's solo and now this. Keep making me proud show.
Such a great return! TI seriously missed it when it was gone, but at least I was able to concentrate on Mad Men. But now that MM is over, I can go back to listening o Glee non-stop. I need next week's episode now, please?
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