Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

New Moon Has A London Calling

London Bridge Has Fallen Down[Twilight Images]
All this New Moon hype could potentially let me down with the actual finished product but I have a good feeling CWeitz (orange pants and all) did a superb job. Chris is humble as ever though
""I'd say to them thank you very much, but wait until you see the movie. They're just going on the trailers. And, of course, no one has seen David Slade's 'Eclipse,' so they can't judge fairly based on that. I'm the flavor of the month"
I don't care if they're just kissing ass, Rob, Kristen and Taycob saying they think Chris is a living saint is a good sign. I don't mind seeing CWeitz at the helm of Breaking Dawn either.

Could New Moon beat Twilight's $383,520,177 worldwide gross? CNN reports it's already selling FOUR TIMES as much as Twilight did in the same period. We'll find out in ONE WEEK if fangirls everywhere break the box office. Let's appreciate Rob's ultra short homecoming.

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