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90210 02x09: A Trip To The Moon

[90210 Media]
Unlike last week's 'celebrity' studded episode, this week's show stayed celeb-less but it doesn't mean it was less entertaining than last. In fact, I'm truly enjoying this season much more than I thought I would. I'm really liking how we see more of the beach this season and less of the actual classes/parents. Though I do miss Ryan in general. Not so much Naomi, but her minimal presence was just good enough for me.

Wilson Kids Have Poor Judgment
Oh noes, what have the Wilson kids gotten themselves into. Dixon's still all morose over Sasha-the-non-pregnant ex-girlfriend while Annie's about to give it up (or has she? I'm confused) to Jasper-the-denying-drug-dealer. I can't really blame Dixon for hating on mom, but I hope he gets over it soon.

Meanwhile, Annie I'm afraid will fall over the edge if she finds out Jasper's been lying. DRAMAAAAAA!!! She's really cute as usual though. And skinny, goodness when she took of her top, i was like whoa! you're thin.

Adrianna's Addicted Again!!!
THis is horrible. I'm glad that Navid is sort of looking out for her. Now all he has to do is let Naomi and Silver know so that at least he'll have back up in trying to get Adrianna to help herself again. I just feel so bad for all her progress.

And Adrianna's hair is extra long, no? I feel bad that she feels she has no one to go to. I hope she realizes what she's doing and wakes up and at the same time becomes the whistle blower to Jasper's drug dealing. Something tells me this is how it'll turn out. 90210 loves things all cleaned up after a bit.

Liam Finally Opens Up
Why am I liking surfer-girl so much? That last cap of her making googly eyes at Liam and telling him she didn't think she was his girlfriend was really pretty. But my little martyr should totally just come clean to Liam. I mean he sorta likes her -- they did kiss -- and she likes him. So go grab life by the balls, surfer girl!!!

And i'm excited to see how Liam (and teddy and dixon and surfer girl) get revenge on Jen. I'm not too sure Naomi would be happy about this, but someone has to out Jen and her evilness. Just so that Liam will stop brooding.

Silver Goes To the Moon
I have to say, this one got me choked up. Silver's mom is dead and I'm kinda sad even if she was evil for a bit. Silver taking care of the mom and having her die on her half birthday is harsh. I hope she finds a way to enjoy it in the years to come.

And Teddy! What a revelation! Who knew he was an inner softie?! Someone obviously has it bad for Silver even he's disguising it as being a supportive friend. I wonder how long it'll take them to hook up considering she just lost her mom. Still, a pretty good episode as always. 90210 is surprisingly consistently good for me this season.
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