Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Team Awesome Says Bonjour in Paris!

Paris, Je T'aime[RPOnline;KStewart.Net]
The New Moon press junket in LA seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Lots of repeat questions, but somehow, each one has its uniqueness -- plus they all look so much more comfortable this time around.

Everyone was there. The entertainment tv shows (The Insider, Access Hollywood, Reelz Channel); the internet channels (Jake The Movie Guy, Hit Fix) and everyone else from CNN (Gasp!) to staple supporter, MTV!

And now, Rob, Kristen, Taylor and guilty!crush Chris Weitz (what are you wearing?!) are in Paris and then off to the rest of Europe. I'm tired thinking of all they have to do. Imagine how haggard they'll be after this. Nine days left! Now let's appreciate the prettiness in Paris. Oh and ETA: True or not, it's adorable, no?

Tags: kristen stewart, new moon, red carpet, robert pattinson
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