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Gossip Girl 03x09: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

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Sometimes I wonder why I still watch this show. I know I don't look forward to it as much as I did in seasons past, but it's still got some redeeming qualities. Like lots of Eric in this episode. FINALLY. Not too fond of his plot but at least we see something new, right? And we also see the most disappointing menage-a-trois in history -- not that I'm an expert or anything. After all, this ain't HBO.

S Goes Through Jobs Like She Does With Men
Though I don't approve of cheating on your wife (even if she is an extra and scheming too), I actually kinda want Tripp/Serena to happen just so that it's yet another mistake Serena can have under her belt. It's not like this is past her. But then again, she'd be putting his reputation on the line, but it's not like she cares.

It's cute how Chuck orchestrated his reunion with Blair in the elevator (complete with a request for them to kiss after making up) and I'm glad that Blair actually told Serena flat out NOT TO DO Tripp. But of course, what you tell Serena NOT to do, she will. Oh let's see this political scandal now please.

Little J Needs To Grow The Fuck Up
Whatever happened to nice Little J? I guess power really does consume you. And for what? This not so pretty escort to the cotillion?! He's not cute. AND WHY ARE THEY NOT IN WHITE?!?! Are jewel tones the theme this time around?! I thought it was always white. Then again, none of them are virgins anymore, so let's not pretend. Nate, you're still pretty though.

The Van Der Woodsen Siblings Suck at Scheming
I feel horrible that Jonathan broke up with Eric, but he sort of deserved it for scheming. Eric, you're supposed to be happy! Not evilly plotting J's fall from power. But I guess we asked for a meatier plot and we got it. Only to give up Jonathan though. I hope they kiss and make-up too. Maybe Chuck should lock them in an elevator as well.

Do Not Want This Threesome Please
So much for liking the Olivia-Dan plot, we have to get Vanessa in the picture and now it's sort of tainted this happy bubble that I exist in with HDuff. And what a lame threesome at that. Oh well, I knew they wouldn't show anything but it was underwhelming. I'm glad the movie isn't pushing through though. Screw awkwardness with Vanessa, I could care less. At least we get more Dan/Olivia. Dan the threeseome with V doesn't mean you like her, okay? I don't want a love triangle now.

Welcome to the Chuck Blair Second

And is it just me or are the cutesy scenes between Chuck and Blair getting fewer and further apart?!?! Though I love how Chuck really is the smartest/sanest/mos normal character on the show now. I know he's had a whole 2 seasons of debauchery and deserves a break, but I miss the scheming (and good at it), evil Chuck.

Even their Lost Weekend looked lame. No offense, Nate, you're still pretty. But I wish Chuck would show his wilder side -- all these punishments he and Blair keep talking about need oto be shown. Just like my creative writing professor used to tell us before, "SHOW, Don't Tell." Yes Chuck and Blair, just show us. Don't need to tell us.
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