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Mad Men 03x13: Shut the Door, Have a Seat

This is why Matthew Weiner and company keep winning those damn Emmys. This is probably the best written show on TV and I'm hoping Don and January and the cast win Emmys for acting next year because they were just brilliant. Talk about a game-changer, this is going to keep the fans guessing till season 4 come next year. Let the wait begin.

Well gentlemen, i suppose you're fired
First of all, brilliant move on the writers to totally overhaul the entire company. I love how they discussed it so quickly in Don's office and just settled it right there and then. And how did they choose their skeleton staff?! I'm not too hot on Harry Crane just because he was never a favorite, but I'm glad we have Pete and Peggy and Joan!!!!

"I value my relationship with you."
-- Don Draper

Best part about it? LANE PRYCE!!! I dont know why I like him so much, but I do. Finally, he gets a break!!! PPL have been treating him like shit, just expecting him to follow blindly, I hope he gets what he deserves from this new company.

"Beg me, you didn't even ask me.
-- Peggy Olson

Oh snap! I love how they asked Peggy and Pete to join them. Pete being his usual self -- trying to negotiate something and failing at it, while Peggy stood her ground and totally had the balls to defy Don (thanks to Duck's fucking offer). I wonder how that will go next season.

Pete: And what are my talents?... I wanna hear it from him
Don: You saw it coming. We didn't...
We need you help us looking forward

Go Pete! Even if his negotiations weren't as successful as he had hoped, I just thought it was cute of him to try. And though I love Peggy/Pete, I have to say that Trudy is the sweetest wife ever and I wish her and Pete happiness just because.

Good Morning. Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. How May I Help You?
I'm guessing this is the return of the bromance that is Roger/Don. Thank goodness they patched things up by the finale because I couldn't imagine going into season 3 without them hanging out.

Crane: are you kidding?
Roger: Yes, yes we are. Happy birthday

Well well well, who knew Don would beg Peggy to go work for him?! At least he didn't have to bribe her with sex unlike some other Ducks out there. The way he was telling Peggy he'd spend the rest of his life wooing trying to hire her struck something inside me though. I hope there isn't a Don/Peggy affair next season cause I don't think I could handle that.

"I will spend the rest of my life trying to hire you"
-- Don Draper

And the way they're all so cramped in their new office with Don at a typewriter and no secretary fetching him coffee or making calls for him was just so humbling for them. Joan looked like she was on top of everything so this makes me immensely happy. I'm wondering what happens to the rest of the Sterling Cooper boys. Is that the last we see of Cosgrove or Kinsey or Sal?! The next season can't come fast enough.

Roger: Mrs. Harris, what a pleasure to see you.
Pryce: What is she doing here?
Roger: I said I'd be discreet.
Cooper: Tell them what to do.

And look! JOAN IS BACK!!! The way Roger looks at her and the way they're leaning into each other so close just kills me. This needs to happen next season. Screw Jane or Mr. Harris.

The End of the Drapers
And though Betty deserved to give Don a divorce, it still broke my heart when it actually happened. And with Henry Francis of all people?! WHY NOT CAPTAIN AWESOME instead?!? I'm afraid this marriage might actually last, though is it horrible of me to wish it fails miserably?! I know she and Don are no match, but they're sooooo pretty together. Boo.

Betty:Don't threaten me. I know all about you.
Don: You're a whore. You know that?

This is reason enough to leave Don. I swear he's manhandling her and just being all around mean but Don is totally immature anyway and really doesn't know how to handle his emotions so I can't really quite blame him for his defense mechanism. I wonder who the kids would be better off with, Don or with Betty and her new hubby? Gross.

Don:I hope you get what you always wanted.
Betty: You will always be their father

This totally broke my heart though. It's like Don was still holding on to something, hoping Betty would come around, but obviously she wouldn't and now she's off to Reno to get a quickie divorce and an even quicker marriage. Fine, she can divorce Don, but get married already?! Sure, he can provide for her and the kids, but so could Don. This spells disaster.

Bobby: Will you be here for Christmas?
Betty: You'll have two Christmases
Sally: I only want one... Did you make him leave?
Betty: No. we both decided.
Sally: You made him sleep in Gene's room
and it's scary in there.

And surprisingly, there is a Don charms his way into my panties moment of the week. Despite his all over douchery and assholery, Don really does care for Bobby and Sally (and perhaps Baby Gene) so when he totally took Bobby into his arms, I just lost it. I hope we still see the kids next season (I wonder how grown up they'll be and how many years they'll skip if any).

But really, I just can't wait for season 4 in general. This needs to win a shitload of Emmys okay?! And so begins my Mad-Men-less existence. I shall now hate Mondays.

Bobby: What did we do?
Betty: Nothing.
Bobby: Then why are we in the living room?
Sally: You said you'd always come home
Don: I will. It's just a different home.

Poll #1482921 Mad Men Season 3

Did you like the finale?

Fuck yeah!
What the fuck writers?

Over-all this season was

Freaking Fantabulosity
Sometimes Great, othertimes not so
Why the hell do they win Emmys?

So what did you guys think of the finale and the season in general?! We've got 39 weeks to psych ourselves for season 4. Oh yeah.
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