Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

I Was a Dreamer Before You Went and Let Me Down; Now It's Too Late for You

This is a big world -- 44 Down/8 to Go[me]
[+] SO MUCH NEW MOON THIS WEEK -- it's crazy. I can't imagine modding a twilight-comm these next few weeks. Kudos goes to the amazing mods. Seriously. Vanity Fair + Harper's Bazaar = Fandom Heaven!!!

[+] SO MANY FIC UPDATES!!! The Training, Counterpoint, My Life To Be, Hydraulic Level 5 AND Emancipation Proclamation? YES PLEASE

[+] THANKS SO MUCH to mizra for the VGIFT!!! Sweetest thing ever! Here's to more wholesomely awesome PMs!

[+] I am the last person to jump on this bandwagon but I finally succumbed to Taylor Swift's Fearless album and I LOVE IT. I'm such a teen girl. Bring me back to high school please!

[+] Also, I still have the Holiday Card Post just in case you still haven't checked it out! Great week for me, hope it was for you too!

Long weekends are love. Though I didn't do anything productive (no catching up on Vampire Diaries or watching Emma), I did read a ridiculous amount of fic AND was able to start my NTH re-read of New Moon. I wish weekends always had 3 days in them. I just feel better going into the work week with more rest. Having no manager at work (she was sick) is not a good way to start the work week. So many decisions to be made that I couldn't do by myself without approval from her and it was just a tiring day. So many people were still absent from work including crush. Too bad, I wanted to debut my new haircut. Not that it should matter. Fandom exploded with the release of those Harper's Bazaar Rob/Kristen photo shoot outtakes and it was positively excruciating to try and behave at work when all I wanted to do was go home and make a picspam. Still, I managed to make it through the day sans hyperventilation. Success. I opened my inbox to see a Counterpoint update. How awesome can this week be updates wise? I'm too lucky. But the funniest thing was watching Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel live. Still the greatest boxer ever, but also the most hilarious in interviews. Too bad he wasn't trying to be funny.
I didnt think this day would come. Went to another presentation this time for a contraceptives company and while we introduced ourselves, we were all required to state our most recurring sexual fantasy. Seriously. Everyone was game so I had to play along. I feel so bonded to the people in that room now. I wish it ended as good as it started though. When I choose my girls (Lee, Iz and Hannah) over the New Moon press junket, you know I love them. I'm glad I went out with my high school friends even if we just had lunch and dessert at Eastwood. We are the most boring people ever but I have fun nevertheless. Every time I see them, I realize why we're still friends after all these years (I've known them since kinder). Ran my first real 3K race after years of not training/running or doing anything remotely physical. I woke up at 4am to go to Roxas Boulevard for the Pasig: A Run for the River with jamypye and my mom (3 of the most unfit people on earth) and it was soooo worth it. I thought i wouldn't make it, but the 3K wasn't so bad after all! I wanna do it again!

Don't worry, for your (and Pamy's) eyes only. I can't wait till you get home dude!

Tags: 2009 weekender, barkada, first job, health, parents, siblings
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