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This is What Happens When The New Moon Press Tour Of Craziness Comes Back Into Town

Wake Me Up November 20?[Lion and Lamb Love]
With just TWELVE days left (I can't believe we're less than 2 weeks away) to New Moon, the press junket finally happened which means a million and one videos to watch and squee over. I am a happy (and exhausted) fangirl.

[+] Summit released interviews with almost everyone from Rob, Kristen, and Taylor, to guilty!crush Chris Weitz, Ashley, Dakota, Michael Sheen and even SMeyer! It's things you'll be hearing about New Moon over and over minus often times annoying interviewers! [Collider]

[+] This mega long but interesting transcript for Rob, Kristen, and Taylor's interviews make you feel like you were actually at the press conference! Plus they show some Cweitz love. [also via Collider]

[+] Then came the press junket which just means lots and lots of interviews. ET Online put a sneak preview which I'm sure they'll be stretching like crazy till New Moon shows; E! Online, had short ones with the magical trio; Extra managed to condense theirs too but something tells me we'll see rehashes of this; and finally Access Hollywood had the most in-depth ones with Rob (1,2), Kristen (1,2) and Taylor (1,2). They're all getting much better at this no? [via Cullen News]

[+] Then next week we get the European tour and the week after that the talk shows and the actual premiere. I'm tired already. Let's get on with the prettiness, okay?

Press Conference

Photos courtesy of ljmd at twilightxchange

"Chris has everything. I think to be a good director you have to be a good person and you have to care about people. I don’t know a more compassionate human being. I couldn’t have done this unless I had such a believable environment, a comfortable and safe environment to be so vulnerable in. He provided that tenfold. He’s one of the coolest, one of the smartest and funniest guys I know. He really loves the project as well. He wasn’t just jumping on the next big thing. So it wasn’t about breaking him in at all. He only helped make everything better. He made everything what it is. He’s incredible.
I love him."

"The syllabus which gave at the beginning, yeah. When he gave that out, I mean I’ve never had that from any director. It was like forty or fifty pages long this thing and this is in addition to a bunch of letters and emails and everything, trying to show that he’s on the same page as us and that he’s completely with us in making the film. He kind of didn’t falter from that attitude during the whole movie. It probably sounds ridiculous how much praise this guy gets. I was just with his wife in Japan and she was kind of sick of [laughs], but I mean he is like a saint. He’s one of the best people that I’ve ever met let alone directors. I think in a lot of ways it shows in the movie. There’s a lot of heart, especially for a sequel and a franchise. I think he’s just a great person to do it with. "

"It was definitely sad to see both [Edi and Rachelle] of them go. All of us, the whole entire cast loves both of them. They were great people, but Bryce is amazing. She is extremely talented and she’s a great girl as well. So we’re definitely lucky to be surrounded by an amazing cast. I wouldn’t be able to pick one [that'd I'm close to]. If I were to start, I’d end up listing the whole cast... It would be impossible to make this series because the characters are so tight, so we’re really thankful that we all get along so well."

SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. everyone from Chris (yeah, Taycob too!) to Dakota (so amazingly beautiful!) and of course Kristen and Rob just look divine at the press conference!!! They all look much older than last year but soooo beautiful. I'm just squeeing here. Seriously. And then they open their mouths and actually make sense so yeah, I have reason to fangirl.

And I totally love that they're loving Chris Weitz so much. I don't remember this much praise for CHardwicke last year, so I wonder if there's any reason for this effusive praise for Chris, not that I mind at all because he does seem like a cool guy completely.

Press Junket Interviews

Photos courtesy of Lion and Lamb Love

Maybe it's because I just haven't seen all the other complete interviews, but Access Hollywood had a pretty funny one complete with the host bringing props to the set. It was fun to see the Wolf Pack's interview as well just because I don't think I've ever heard them talk. I'd love to see the Volturi interview though. I need more Jane.

Cast Tour At Hot Topic Hollywood & Highland

Photos courtesy of Lion and Lamb Love

And like I said at Comic Con, how freaking cute can this can this cast get?! i don't understand how they can all be so adorable and pretty all the time. I love the Kellan/Nikki/Ashley cuteness. The question is, where the hell is Jackson?!?! MIA as usual?! please say you show up for the other stuff okay?
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