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Bones 05x06: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

[Bones Online]
Wow did I miss this show or what? Now that the Yankees have won the World Series (and my dad is a happy camper), I can now get my Fox shows back on my TV shows with Bones this week (and Glee next week!) And they came back with cuteness from Booth/Brennan and some Angela priding herself in her almost six months of celibacy. You go girl. I'm so glad this crime-solving duo is back on. I missed it way too much.

I want to see Bones as a Woodchuck?
Leave it to Bones to disregard the Woodchuck's feelings along with Angela's soft spot advocacy for animals. It's telling though that Bones is coming around on these things just because it's showing a sort of growth in her character. Whereas season 1 Bones wouldn't let her budge in her principles, she's slowly -- very slowly -- moving towards being more flexible towards others. Perhaps a more openess to Booth's feelings for her would be next?

It's No Hodgins/Angela, but I'm kinda digging Wendell
And I LOVE Angela/Hodgins, but there's something about the really sweet and unassuming nature of Wendell that just makes me love him no matter what. I hope Angela doesn't end up breaking his fragile heart cause you can tell she's just having fun with this one (especially with her six month celibacy). Plus the fact that Hodgins refused to be the one to break her fast, does this mean Wendell will gladly re-pop her cherry so to speak?

Look at all those subtle touches...
Their interactions in every episode are always what I look forward to just because they have the most subtle but caring relationship. The way she undid his tie and every time they look at each other (even when the other one isn't looking) just cements how much they'd go well together.

... And not so subtle touches
It doesn't hurt either when Booth does sweeping statements like 'I'd die for you and I'd kill for you' like that. Complete with hand holding. Don't tell me Sweets was oblivious to this because you could so tell he was looking at those hands.

And to begin with, Booth knowing that something was wrong and getting Bones to open up to him was just precious. The trust they have between each other is immense and I'm so glad to see it grow. So paging Hart Hanson, I think next week we're due another cutesy session okay?

Bones Trusts You, Booth
True enough, Bones really does trust Booth's judgment. The fact that she pulled out her check book as soon as he said that she had to give this to Angela just shows how implicit her trust is in him. This is coming from Bones who does things based on her OWN decisions and never really had to rely on anyone. But now, she really goes to Booth for things. I'm loving it so much.

So obviously I missed the Booth/Brennan love these past two weeks and I'm just glad it's finally back. Now if only Hart Hanson gave us some more almost-kisses or who knows, even actual kisses , then this season will get even more awesome.
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