Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Take That Armor Off, Jake!

(No) Thanks to all this New Moon hoopla, I wasn't able to flail a little over the upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal starring, Prince of Persia trailer that came out. I'm not here to defend the movie over whatever criticism it's got. I'm here to complain about the lack of shirtless-Jake. What happened Bruckheimer? Why release topless Jake shots when you're keeping him clothed in the film?! I have been fooled! [Cinematical, PopWatch]

Actually, I'm not going to complain about this movie just because it looks better than what I've expected. I know his accent isn't quite right and I don't think it'll be a very funny movie, but from the looks of the trailer, the production design and the feel of it are pretty impressive and for something I'm only watching because of Jake, that's not bad at all.
Tags: jake gyllenhaal, movie trailers
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