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90210 02x08: Women's Intuition

[90210 Media]
I'm probably the only person left on earth watching this show, but somehow I find that I actually like watching the episodes and recapping them rather than feeling obligated to do so. Though it's far from the smartest thing on tv, it does live up to what it claims to be: a teen drama. Bring on the ridiculousness but at least it feels like it would happen on this zip -- complete with NERD and Samantha Ronson cameo at that!

Love To Hate Her, Hate To Love Her
I know Jen is evil and is wreaking havoc not only for Naomi but totally causing trouble for Ryan, but somehow I still can't hate her. Even when she's lying about Liam, whom I love. Why can't I just hate her for real?! Sometimes I hate her, sometimes I love her. Does this make her morally ambiguous like the Sterling Cooper men? Or am I just a sucker for her charms as well?!

Either way, I thought it was cute that she was getting jealous of bartender girl. Do I wish she gets karma with how she's messing with Liam and Naomi? Of course! But for now, let's look at her become all lovey with Ryan.

Adrianna Falls off the Wagon and Into Jasper's Drug Den
Someone who I don't have a hard time not liking is Jasper. That's his name right? I just find him creepy and I feel like Annie should be better off. I'm still on the fence whether I want Teddy with Annie or Silver cause both would seem fun for him, but we'll see.

I do feel horrible for Adrianna though. Sure, she can't expect Navid to be on her side again, especially after what she did, but her singing (which I thought was cringe worthy, was just a new low for her). I'm sad she's back on the junkie way, and look at who her dealer is right?!? I think she needs to change for herself though and not because of Navid. So I'll just wait for her to sober up again for her own sake.

Dixon is Almost A Baby Daddy
Thank goodness for Aunt Becky Debbie Wilson because Dixon is the stupidest kid so far. Sure, he thought he got Sasha pregnant but somehow I felt she was pretending all along. Debbie looked real pretty too, confronting Sasha and just telling her to stay the hell away from Dixon.

Do I wish she told Dixon the truth? Of course, I do. But this only makes for more drama in the future complete with Dixon getting angry at Debbie for protecting him or whatever. Bottom line is, I'm glad Sasha is goners.

Surfer Girl Is Actually Growing On Me
Kind of forgot what surfer girl's name is, but I like Liam a lot. And though I wish he were with Naomi, their reunion will only be sweeter if they're apart for longer. And surfer girl isn't such a bad distraction anymore. I kind of like where she's coming from now, with the 'woe-is-me-i'm-a-tomboy' to the boys vibe, though it is a little cliche. Still, who doesn't love some predictability in their lives?

Just like noted tweeted, she watches 90210 for the Lulz and I have to agree. I have to say, I'm liking this season waaaaay more than season 1 and I'm just hoping the newbies bring the zest this show needs. Still, let's keep our focus on the mainstays no? I agree. I'm just glad I have some midweek lulz to get me through.
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