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Gossip Girl 03x08: The Grandfather II

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And somehow, I am still watching this show. Call me a sucker for teen dramas (I did make an entire thesis about it), but no matter how ridiculous this show gets, I still go back to it every week. This week, we get a second dose of Grandfather Van Der Bilt. I just got a great idea. Why don't Cece Rhodes and William Van Der Bilt get together for more old people romance? No? Well it was just a thought. On with the show.

Is S Eye-fucking Tripp Van Der Bilt?
So this Patrick dude she's supposed to be dating? He looks even sleazier than I remember. And though I'm okay with all this Blair/Serena drama, I'm hoping it actually comes to a real tipping point. I want them to either be angry at each other FOR REALZ for a few episodes, complete with good plot of them apart, or they just be happy again together and stay BFFs for longer than episode. Cause this swinging back and forth is making me dizzy.

And I don't know why it even surprises me but Chuck totally made the most sense in this episode with his talking to Serena about Blair. He obviously knows them both very well and it's crazy how 'sane' Chuck has gotten. Where has the guy who almost raped little J gone?! Not that I'm complaining cause I love this attentive-boyfriend-determined-businessman-Chuck, I'm just saying.

Oh and why is S giving Tripp this look?! Will they develop this into some full blown affair that will give Nate more reason to be angry at S? Or is this just some left of field scene? I don't know.

I Enjoy D and Olivia Too Much
It's kind of sad how the next thing (to Chuck and Blair) I look forward to in this series is Dan and Olivia. From the Jimmy Fallon cameo, to the scrabble playing and just to Olivia being cute foil for Dan, I am liking this plot way too much that I'm afraid I'll be disappointed when they get rid of her. What scares me is that I'm just liking this as a way of settling for a less than stellar season. Oh well, I won't complain. I also want red lips like Olivia here. Dan is suddenly worth watching with Olivia around.

Nate, Don't Let V Rain on your Parade
Not that I'm interested in Nate, but because V somehow managed to steal his sunshine, I'm not loving his plot. I'm not loving anything with Nate and politics. Though i have to say Tripp is a cutie. And what's up with the scheming cousin-in-law? I do not want her. And it feels so far away from the main cast already that I just can't bring myself to care. Nate needs to get with Serena and be happy for me to like him (again) or something.

The Chuck ♥ Blair Minute

And obviously this episode lacked Blair and Chuck. I know we just got a shitload of them last episode, BUT hello, this is all we get?!? it was barely a minute. I feel bad for Blair really, though S does have a point, so does B and they really should just talk it out. But we'll see where this 'fight' of theirs goes.

And look at that ending. I swear, Chuck and Blair curling up in bed is probably the staple scene for this season. Not that I'm complaining. They look totally adorable snuggling up together. I vote for an entire episode spent in bed a la Bree/Nate except much cuter cause they're Chuck and Blair. Oh Josh Schwartz, I agree with jo_herself, Chuck better be fucking fantastic when it returns, because you're letting GG slip through the cracks already.
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