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Encounters with Voodoo Dolls, Mango Chutney and Shrek

Today was my first free day. I woke up at 6:22 am. Yes, on the day with no classes, I had to wake up early again. So much for sleeping in. There's no such thing as sleeping in anymore. There's always something to hurry too. The Talaban survey didn't go so bad. In fact, the process was kind of... fun. There were the weird parts where Paola walked in on a family doing some sort of voodoo incantation, but that was just one incident.

I'm not saying that I like what I'm doing, because if I had a choice, I still wouldn't want to do this, but I guess the company made it worth it. I was with the Hetians: Kimi, MonAng, Julie, Nan, Lexi, Sam, Krystle, Jo, and Paola. Thanks for the punctuality and the cooperation. Hopefully, we'll get through this alive. The place was actually pretty good to us. They were very accommodating and despite the little troubles (like getting lost and having a bit of rude people), the entire thing went smoothly. I'm wishing the entire process could be like this. Unfortunately, we have to implement something.

How am I expected to change a community when I can't even improve my own self?

Of course, our very productive Trig group met at MonAng's posh crib (worthy of an MTV Cribs tour and it would definitely blow Kimora Lee Simmon's humble abode away!) so that we could finish our Shrek-themed gameboard with questions on logarithimic equations, exponential equations, inverse equations, and sequences and series. Wow! Kids will really want to play this board game. A shout out to my super productve Trig group: MonAng, Fen-Fenita, Lexi, Yvina, Monesca, Raia, Janna, Haddie, and Txyla. So what if we weren't able to finish it? At least we got to eat the scrumptious chicken curry with delicious mango chutney.

Then Gab, Marty, and Raymond dropped by to record Txyla, MonAng, Raia, and Janna for some media project they had. It was certainly entertaining to see Txy crying in front of a camera with the matching tearing of the letter. I can see the success of their public service ad on being happy. Simple but straight to the point. Everyone needs a little happiness.

The sweetest part of all was after they had already left, they actually came back and gave snacks. There were the Oreos with the Shrek theme and the Ruffles. That was really nice of them. It makes me wish I had guy friends who were that nice. Sigh. At least they made me give guys a second chance. It was nice to know that great guys still exist.

The funny part of my day was at Starbucks Katipunan. Haddie> can't get enough of their coffee. She has to have one everyday. So today as we went for her daily fix, she steps in with a normal name and comes out with a totally new one. I guess the barista was just a little deaf, but now, Hani --> Haddie. How did that happen? I understand if they thought it was Anna or even Dana. But Haddie? Is anyone even named that?

Today was not a free day for me, but I'm glad it wasn't that bad.
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