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Rob (and Chris Weitz ♥) Wave Konichiwa to Japan!

[Lion and Lamb Love]
We're down to the single digits (16 days) counting down to New Moon and this time we get Rob and ultimate guilty!crush Chris Weitz looking dapper in Japan (why so near yet so far?!) while Kristen and Taylor say hola in Mexico. Plus, a better look at the Volturri? Yes please. And cause everyone has gushed about those Vanity Fair photos, I'll hold off till ALL 4 sets of outtakes come out. VF, you know we love you. [PopWatch]

Good morning mizra! Look How Dapper Our Men Are

I really don't have words to describe how pretty they are to look at. Two of my favorite people ever in Japan waving to Asian fans, when I am in the same region, albeit a country away, wishing I were there. I don't know if this is a recycled suit from the LA Premiere of Twilight, but if it is, he sure looks good in it -- and seems to fit into it better too.

It's all about loving the earth these days, so I'm glad he chose to 'recycle' his suit because if he shouldn't have to fix something that ain't broke. What did break were a bizillion ovaries when they see how gorgeous Rob is in this suit. Seriously. Hi Chris Weitz. You look handsome as well.

Kristen and Taylor Say Hola Mexico!

Photos courtesy of Thinking of Rob
Why hello there Kristen! I love her hair. I don't know how she kept it up, but it looks pretty damn great. Her make up is flawless as usual and her clothes are pretty cute. What I don't like too much? The shoes. They sure do look comfortable, but her shoes yesterday would have gone with this too. Still, I don't blame her for choosing comfort over anything else here.
Photos courtesy of Lion and Lamb Love

I love this outfit even more. From the cuffed pants to the guns on the shirt, to the suspenders and of course her shoes -- they just happen to be Jimmy Choos. But really, I love how happy and cute she looks in these.

Meet the Volturi

This is an older video that got released today sans the shaky fan camera feel so it was good to actually hear it minus the yells and all. We got our taste of the Wolf Pack a couple days back and now we get the Volturi. You know what we should get again? The Cullens! I know we got an introduction last time around, but hello, this is a whole new movie, let's have a meet the OTHER cullens too!!!

Jamie Campbell Bower gives the most hilarious interviews ever. Even if what he's saying isn't funny, I'm laughing just watching him. Maybe it's the hair? I don't know, but I so wasn't sure about the casting when I heard about it, but now that I see him in action, I love it.

I'm excited to see Cameron Bright as Alec too. I already love Dakota's Jane so seeing her twin brother do his thing would be pretty cool to watch. On a side note, hi Smeyer. Are you stoked to see how your books are coming to life?!

And of course, there's Demetri and Felix and just how bad ass they look. Showing all these fight scenes, I'm really psyched to see it in action just because it looks sooooo good. CWeitz and his team really did bring out the big guns with all the action in this one. I wouldn't say it was more guy friendly, but more pretty to look at.

Look at Chris with the hair cut! I mean seriously, how can I be guilty crushing on him when he's making it so hard to resist him! I'm looking at you petitecherie, you know I'm not alone in this one!
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