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Mad Men 03x12: The Grown Ups

For some reason, I couldn't find a copy of this week's episode for my illegal consumption and so I'm forever thankful to jennalice for graciously directing me to an alternative. Alas, because it was streaming, the caps will have to wait. My thoughts are all over the place and I probably won't make much senxe -- much like the folk over at Sterling Cooper. Just one episode left and I still can't let go of this show.

First off, so this is how news travels when there's no Internet. It amazes me how the television and radio were all they could rely on for information. I know that this was the norm for a long time, but somehow I can't imagine news breaking without the help of the Internet anymore.

Roger Should Just Crawl Back to Joan
And the show still went on. Despite Margaret throwing a tantrum over Jane's presence and Mona trying to play referee to it all, Roger still manages to get the show on the road and be funny while doing so. I love his speech and his tribute to Mona. But really, I loved how he calls Joan up after it all and finally feels like he's able to unburden himself.

Who knew he'd have to seek Ms. Holloway Mrs. Harris's voice to find solace after a long and crazy day like he just had. Meanwhile Jane is drunk out of her mind and passed out on the bed. I swear Roger deserves better and so does Joan. This needs to happen already.

Still Shocked that Pete Is Growing Up
I thought Pete wouldn't take the news of Cosgrove getting the VP for accounts really horribly but he took it surprisingly well even if it was just a front he was putting on. I was hoping he'd throw a hissy fit just because it's always fun to watch Pete give those.

And skipping Margaret's wedding even if Trudy tried talking him into it is showing streaks of rebellion on the goody-two-shoes exterior Pete always has on. Does this mean he's leaving Sterling Cooper next season? But really, I just want to take a moment to say how adorable he and Trudy looked curled up in front of their television watching the news. Normal couples are love.

Why Is Peggy Still Fucking Duck?
Seriously. I thought Season 3 would be the epic season of Pete/Peggy and we're down to ONE episode left and we still have yet to see any Pete/Peggy action. Matthew Weiner, I'm kinda disappointed in you. I trust your vision and where you want this show to go, but throw the shippers a bone here will you.

Instead we get Peggy doing lunch time booty calls to Duck. Though I'm glad we get some Peggy/Roomie-who-plays-Daisy-on-Bones time but I really just want some progress on the Pete/Peggy front. I hope we get something in the finale, though I'm not keeping my hopes up.

Betty Isn't In Love With You Anymore, Don
The bomb that Mrs. Draper drops on the oh so frazzled Don made my jaw drop. Sure, she goes along to the wedding to keep up appearances, but with all this JFK-dying drama, she sure feels bold and stares at Governor's boy throughout the wedding and even goes on mysterious drives not caring where Don thinks she's going.

When she tells Don that she doesn't love him anymore and Don just doesn't know what to do and feels oh so confused, I'm actually feeling bad for Don. Sure, he deserves this. And Betty really should have done this a looooooong time ago, but the irrational shipper in me, tells me that Don and Betty should be together. Then again, Don did bring all of this upon himself. Oh well, we'll have to see what happens next week.

And though the gif is still to follow, I do have a Don Draper Charms His Way Into My Pants moment of the week. Betty waking up to hear Baby Gene crying, only to find Don taking care of the baby already. I know Don has a shitload of sins to atone for and it's good to see him try, but this just feels like a little bit of too little too late. I wonder how things turn out for him in the season finale, because by the looks of him in this episode, he's totally falling apart already.

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