Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Kristen Says Olá To Brazil!

[Kristen Stewart Fan]
Let the crazy New Moon promo tour begin. It doesn't matter if they're exhausted from filming Eclipse, this promotional blitz across continents is starting sans rest for the actors. While Rob and CWeitz are in Japan, Taylor and Kristen are done with Brazil and moving on to Mexico. I'm tired just thinking of all the answers they'll be rehashing and all those autographs they'll be signing. And it's only just begun.

I'm not mega pleased with Kristen's hair in this one, but it's good to see that it's growing back out. I wonder what she'll do with it during her next stops. Perhaps she won't need a wig if and when they shoot Breaking Dawn? We'll see. I do see her using a new pair of pumps from Chloe and a See by Chloe skirt. This is the reason why I love press tours. I get to see her all glammed up. One down, a bajillion more to go.
Tags: kristen stewart, new moon, red carpet
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