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Edward Likes His Women Older

It's hard to believe there are just 20 days left to New Moon. And we get yet another sneak peek thanks to MTV's Ulalume (which I finally heard Taylor pronounce and therefore can now say properly). All I need to see is the cliff-diving scene and this movie is complete. Still, with Eclipse wrapping up and the New Moon press blitz about to start, I'll still be excited. I just wish work didn't get in the way of fangirling. [PopWatch]

Sneek Peak from MTV Ulalume

Dating an older woman. Hot. What?
You first, Rosalie.
It’s a necklace. Alice picked it out.

We've only seen this scene from the first teasers that came out and now I see more Emmett and Rosalie. Still, I'm scared that this is his ONLY LINE int he entire movie. I shouldn't be surprised but I'm hoping for more from the Cullen's as the movies progress. Show some love for the Cullens, Rosenberg!

Show me the love!
This one’s from Emmett.
Already installed it in your truck.
Finally, a decent sound system in that piece of...
Hey, don't hate on the truck

Why does Bella look so sad? Is it because she doesn't want attention on her birthday? But Edward is hugging you and totally not looking at the camera. This is the most awkward photo session ever. But hooray! Another Emmett line. That's your quota for this movie, I'm afraid. You used it all up in one scene.

Open Esme and Carlisle's
Just a little something to brighten yourday
You've been looking kinda pale lately.
Ow! Papercut.

And oh look! Esme used up her only line as well! I know I'm assured Carlisle gets a few more bits in while he's cleaning up her wound, but I'm seriously seriously hoping that Rosenberg throws the rest of the Cullens a few more lines, cause lord knows the Wolves get lots of screen time in this one. Perhaps Eclipse will see more from the Cullens? I hope so.
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