Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Anne Is Going To Rio

[Anne Hathaway Fan]
Though I'm not a huge cartoon fan, having Anne Hathaway AND Neil Patrick Harris (and some Rodrigo Santoro) voicing an animated film makes me slightly more interested about Rio. It doesn't exactly help that this movie has animal leads. I miss the good old Princess-themed Disney movies. Now if only they'd all gotten together for an actual non-cartoon movie, you know I'd be triply excited about it. [Hollywood Reporter]

All of that was of course just an excuse to post Anne looking amazing at an event she attended a few days ago in New York. Goodness this girl is getting skinny. But her megawatt smile still gets to me everytime.

Anne blinds with her smile

She looked mega fabulous in her strapless Marc Jacobs dress, Kara Ross jewelry, Roger Vivier clutch and Brian Atwood pumps as she walked the red carpet of the 18th Annual Empire State Pride Agenda Fall Dinner in New York City. Oh what I'd give to be a celeb.
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