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It's Not My Birthday, But Can I Ask For One Thing? Can It Be November 20 Already?

Four days ago, I thought I'd had my share of sneak peeks but the folks at Summit apparently don't think so. With just 22 days left to New Moon, we get Meet the Volturi bits, some wolf action, and extended kissing scenes. Then we get Vanity Fair letting us guess who's on their December cover (Rob and Kristen please?) and MTV hosting Halloween specials (with names I can't pronounce) with the New Moon cast. [PopWatch]

Sizzle Reel: Hello Wolfpack

I'm surprisingly really enjoying watching this wolf pack come together. From the special effects to the actors that play them, I'm really surprised by my non-negative reception to the wolves. I seriously thought I'd be annoyed that they'd have so much screen time, but with all these teasers coming out, I'm kind of getting used to the idea of them already.

Plus Chris Weitz seems to have put in a lot of work on making these damn wolves so I'm going to be appreciative. I seriously hope the rest of the movie is as fierce as the wolves.

Also, I see you Edward, lurking in the back while Bella and Jacob hug. Did they ever hug in the book on her birthday? I really need my refresher. I know Melissa Rosenberg took her liberties, so I'll see how that goes. But the third row, middle column cap: I SEE YOU FLIP VICTORIA!!! i swear Victoria and her gorgeous hair are enough to make me excited.

Movie Clip: Kiss Her, Edward

It's still my birthday
Can I ask one thing?
Kiss me

Do I actually hear grunts and moans? I understand that Edward's holding himself back and all, while Bella throws herself on him, but wow, who knew just kissing would be this painful for Edward. Then again, they did just get home from a near-death experience care of Jasper.

I know I'm I've spoiled myself for everything including the break-up scene, so I'm not holding back anymore. I hope this scene is a rough edit though as it looks a bit long drawn and all, still I'm terribly easy to please so it's not like I have a lot of complaints.Am I on the floor getting giddy? Not really, but I'm still hopeful. I hope this turns out right.
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