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Gossip Girl 03x07: How To Succeed in the Bassness

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Say it isn't so. Was this actually a V-free episode? Because I'm not used to Gossip Girl focusing on Blair, Chuck, Serena (and some Nate on the side!) I was seriously thinking V would randomly pop up and pull the whole focus of the show on her, but the writers decided to cool their V-jets this week. Instead we get a double treat: fair amount of Eric, some Jonathan and Nate being something other than pretty!

S is learning the ropes
Well look at S work her way up the publicity stunt ladder. She's actually pretty perfect for this job with her lifetime experience of knowing how to get caught by the cameras. Do I wish she and Nate were friends (or more than again) again so that Nate would have a more decent storyline? of course! But what I really want is for Blair and Serena to make up and be cute again.

And so now she's got to be dating this Robert Patrick guy (or whatever his name is?) and though he's not the cutest thing, I guess I can deal. Oh and how pretty was Serena this episode? Her silver dress? I love it! Sure, the girls were dying to get out of her dress, but she looked really good.

D and Olivia Try to get it on
Can I just say that Olivia getting that condom out of the jar is the worst staged paparazzi photo ever! And her movie Endless Nights is even more hilarious but I won't complain because this show really is just for the lulz now. Still, I shall commend Nate Archibald for slowly showing some character even if he is just foil for Dan Humphrey! I swear it's in theses little moments he has with Dan that I like Nate the best.

Meanwhile, Dan is worrying about all the off-camera action Olivia's gotten with co-star/boyfriend and only Dan could act fake sick over it. Still somehow I wasn't annoyed by this storyline at all. I swear HDuff really is a good thing for Mr. Humphrey's plot. I'm really caring about it.

How Dare You Do This To E Little J!!!
I swear just when I was starting to like Little J, she goes and does a 180 on me and is mean to Eric. of ALL the people you can be mean to, Little J, Eric and Jonathan are NOT on that list. And what a brat she's turning out to be. I know she thinks she's just putting on a show for school, but Jonathan is right. This mask is really turning out to be her face.

I love how Eric said he didn't want to do anything with her in both of her worlds. I really hope she wakes up and just apologizes because her minions aren't even that cute. And they have no redeeming qualities unlike Kati, Iz and Nelly. This sucks.

Rufus Wins Best Costume in my book
Rufus carving KISS pumpkins is probably THE best Halloween thing I've seen so far. How cute is he trying to get Lily in the trick-or-treat mood only to have Lily have fake children go back to his house a million times just so he could give candy out. This is how I like the adults, in very small increments.

Welcome to the Chuck ♥ Blair Show

Though Blair once again tries to get her way, I'm glad she and Chuck came together in the end eventually. So does this mean we don't get to see Jack Bass anymore? It's cool with me as long as Chuck and Blair escape having Jack Bass as another obstacle in their love life.

Giving Gifts really is the way to B's heart
Has their contract run out with the Plaza Hotel? Is this why they're moving Chuck to a new hotel? It's pretty though and I won't complain. And I see they're still fighting a little. How did I know? No kiss at the end! Still, they're adorable together even when not all over each other.

Blair and Dorota getting pedicures is the cutest thing ever. I'm so like Dorota when they do my feet. I'm just squirming all over the place. I also just noticed after making caps of this show since forever, that Chuck loves to angle his face with a tilt downward. Or is it because he's always giving Blair the fuck-me look? Ed Westwick must know his best angle, just saying.

C/B work it out
So Blair helping out didn't quite work again. And I'm glad they sort of talked it out like adults although Chuck uninviting Blair seemed a bit too much. And I see you Serena taking Chuck's side. I guess this is her way of showing that she doesn't approve of Blair's scheming either. I just hope they patch things up soon already.

And yay for Chuck/Blair being happy again! this makes me extremely happy. Chuck saying they belonged together (even if Blair could never be 100% trustworthy) really made me happy and I'm sure it made Blair squee on the inside as well. See, now they kiss!

Still want more C/B cuteness
And though this episode did bring the Chuck/Blair scenes we've been sorely lacking, you know I won't complain if they decide to up their exposure even more. But hey, this episode actually focused on the main cast again (read: not V) so I'm just not going to complain.
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