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Mad Men 03x11: The Gypsy and the Hobo

TWO freaking episodes left is all we have to this amazing series and then we'd have to wait almost an entire year again till we see the awesomeness of this show. And despite being on the final stretch, this show just keeps packing the punch. Though I have to say, I appreciated this episode just cause it focused on two of my ships (Joan/Roger, Betty/Don). The question is, where art thou Peggy/Pete?

Get Out Teacher! We Don't Want You No More
I was laughing so damn hard when Don never got the chance to go back for Teacher in the car and we see her hobbling away after dark. I felt sooooo happy that this happened to her cause Teacher was getting waaaaay too clingy and I wasn't liking it. I seriously hope Don didn't develop feelings for her and that it was just a front. Plus I'm glad he finally broke it off -- sort of with her. FINALLY. Now we deal with this aftermath. I wonder what crazy thing she'll do now that it's over.

Team Betty For The Win
I LOVE how Betty totally just put it out there in front of Don and didn't back down. Betty always comes off as weak or whatever just because Don is a philandering husband and Betty isn't doing anything about it. But when it came to this and she totally stood her ground, I loved it so much. I just kept pumping my fists in the air for her.

And how long was their conversation right?! I can't imagine how long it took them to shoot that just because it was so intense. And the way she handled herself at the kitchen and in their bedroom and the morning after, it was just so strong of her and I loved how she handled it and then returning to ~normal the next day for the kids and for Halloween. I hope this is the start of healing for their family.

Joan's Asshole-Husband deserves more than one hit in the head
Joan is definitely the most supportive wife ever and hubby does not deserve her. AT ALL. How could he?!? He's such a spineless sap and I really just wanted him to keel over and die when Joan hit him in the head.

But oh look, Roger to the rescue and I love their conversation. That entire phone call is just on repeat in my head just because you can tell that there's really something that could be between them. Hopefully Mr. Harris dies in the war and then Roger/Joanie can really truly finally happen.

Who Knew Roger was so Faithful?!
I would have loved it if Roger cheated on Jane with this woman just because she seems totally fab and they would have been good together had she not left him. And wow, she must have been something because Roger is still bitter after all these years. From the first time they meet in Bert's office to the dinner, to the next day at the secretary's lounge, you could totally feel the tension between them.

I applaud Roger for not cheating on Jane, no matter how much I hate her. If only for that, I wish Don would follow in his footsteps a bit. Who knew Roger had it in him to keep his pecker in check. Follow Roger's example, Don! And keep this bromance alive!

And finally, for the Don Draper charms his ways into my panties moment of the week. I love how he effortlessly lifted Sally (who isn't so tiny). I know Don is an ass but you can tell there's something in him that makes his kids love him. I hope the Drapers get closer and fix their hang ups cause they really need to put on a solid front for their kids -- who by the way had the cutest costumes ever.

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