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I did not believe the information. Just had to trust imagination; My heart was going boom boom boom

I'm never where I want to be -- 42 Down/10 to Go[me]
[+] I am so lucky my phone charger is still being made cause this saved me from buying a new phone. I'm happy with my Razr, so I'm glad I didn't have to shell out a lot of cash so soon after employment.

[+] So many of my favorite fic updated this week. Emancipation Proclamation never fails to please with its length and action. Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind always keeps me guessing. And Oh, Inverted World is just so fun to read. Then I start a new one by the amazing sleepyval, My Life To Be and I know I'm in for a great story.

[+] It's hard to believe that next week is the last of October. This month blew by even faster than the last and I'm afraid to blink cause it might be Christmas when I open my eyes.

[+] I'm crossing my fingers for new fun crushes. I hope everyone has a great week ahead! *hugs and kisses* to all!
I was just going to say how my day was so good complete with pasalubong from Boracay from Grace (even if my name is misspelled) and leaving the office whilst the sun was still out and just being productive and independent. Then I come home and my cellphone charger refuses to charge my phone. Booooo. I don't want to have to buy a new charger. I don't wanna spend. I broke out my old Nokia phone and while using it, I realized that if it had a camera, it would still be the perfect phone. It has a blue back light and is so small but I kinda miss it. Plus it brings me back to high school and the high school crushes. I was lucky though cause my dad text me in the morning saying he found a charger for me. And then he picked me up after work. Oh I'm so spoiled. Good ending to my day for sure. Not wanting to get into all the details, I'm just glad I finally had actual sort-of interaction with the over-timer crush. The smile on my face probably gave me away, but his smile was so warm and he looked like he was really paying attention to me even if he's just naturally nice to EVERYONE, it felt good to finally sort of talk to him beyond glances when we pass each other. ♥ ETA: I obviously spoke too soon. When I answer the phone in our office, I always project a happier, cheerier version of myself, which makes me sound less like a man. A client was calling for an officemate and I was nearest so I answered it. Client tells my officemate, my voice is hot. This makes me laugh because I DO NOT sound like this AT ALL. He then proceeds to calling back over and over. He must have been bored.
We presented to a client in the other end of the world and though the trip was far, it was pretty worth it. I enjoy tagging along but one day, it will be me presenting. Scary. And though I felt a bit down during the afternoon, our impromptu after-office karaoke session totally cheered me up. My office mates are too nice to me and love singing Backstreet Boys songs waaaaay too much. Though I didn't get to attend Paola's confirmation (I was dead asleep even if I slept early the night before), we did all go out for an extremely late lunch of japanese when everyone finally woke up. And because we had amazing dessert (their fantastic halo-halo) at Razon's, we were so full, we didn't even eat dinner! I spent my evening catching up on fic. Weekends are love -- and also waaay too short. I hate spending but I couldn't resist not getting stuff when we went out today. Two cute tops and tights from SM? I'm so weak. Having spending power feels good but I wish I weren't so easily tempted by cute things. I swear I will stay away from the department store next time if I want to save properly. No more bringing my wallet when I go out. I'm so bad at saving money. I'm helping the economy right?
Tags: 2009 weekender, first job, siblings, team b
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