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How spoiled are we going to get?!

Spoiled in 2 ways. First: spoiled for the actual movie (just add the Edward-less/Jacob-filled scenes and it's complete). Second: spoiled cause we're getting so much New Moon, a drought during these last 26 days would kill me. Since I posted 2 DAYS ago, we've gotten the ENTIRE break-up scene and some Italian behind the scenes. Spoilers aren't for everyone, but they're definitely for me. I'm so not complaining. [PopWatch]

Movie Clip: Volturi Fight

Caps courtesy of twilightxchange

What are we going to do with you now
You already know what your'e going to do with her aro
She knows too much she's a liability
Hmm... that's true. Felix?

When I read this part in the book, I didn't quite imagine it this way and this is a good thing. Seeing the Volturi and Edward fight it out and Bella panicking (whilst still looking so beautiful) is definitely going to be a highlight of this movie. Basically, after seeing the Italy behind the scenes, I'm sooooo looking forward to Italy already. This clip with the Volturi was just wow. From the crack on Edward's face, to the way he literally rushed to keep Bella safe from Felix. I love it.

TV Spot: Only One

ET released this video and though it isn't the best quality caps, and there aren't very many scenes, the way they cut it is pretty good. I understood the story better with the script they made for this one. They're doing a really good job with their previews this time around. Y/Y?

You're a human, who knows entirely too much about vampires.
Some will seek to destroy her
The girl comes with us.
This may hurt just a little.
No please!

Not only do we get some Volturi and bad ass Jane, but we get fierce Victoria (and Laurent) as well! I totally am in agreement with starryeyedmagic in saying that Rachelle Lefevre's hair in this one is just beautiful. Bella's hair is too. I think New Moon is going to be the movie with the best hair so far.

Some will rise to defend her
I've got a vampire to kill.
Jake, run!

Oh wolves. I'm learning to enjoy you. I still don't fully appreciate you guys, but I will need to learn to do so, as this movie is probably going to be 70% you guys even with the many Edward-hallucination additions. Still, I trust in CWeitz to make this work so hopefully by November 21, I'll be eating my words and flailing over ye wolves.

But only one...
It's my job to prtoect you.
...will risk everything for her

Of course, my favorite part of this tv spot is the different Edward appearances we are blessed with. Nothing new here. Just the same old Edward doing a Zoolander walk off, Edward being all googly eyed for Bella pre-leaving, more Edward threatening Jacob with some karate moves, and of course weakened Edward battling it out with some Volturi henchmen. And still, despite having no new footage, just seeing Edward makes me all giddy inside.

Sneak Peak: Celebrate!

Caps ccourtesy of everglow

Happy birthday
Don't remind me.
Bella, your birthday is definitely something to celebrate.
My age is not

ETA: The way I had colored the caps makes it look like it isn't part of the movie and instead is on some cheesy tv show. This makes for a highly entertaining spam. I'll wait for the HD of this one if it ever comes out.

And just like Access Hollywood said, 'not bad for 9 seconds.' They're really milking it for all its worth. Because even these nine seconds, silly girls like me, pay attention to. I have to say for something so short, it packs the punch.

The way Edward swaggers up to reluctant birthday girl Bella. The way Bella totally thaws when Edward dazzles her despite having no sparkles. And just the way they're looking at each other is killing me. Multiply this by 800 times (cause the movie is like 7200 seconds long) and I might explode from all this giddy feelings I'm experiencing.

So yeah, let me flail here. A year ago, I hadn't even read the books. Seriously. So let the newbie flail over this one. I wonder how much more spoiled we'll be two days from now. *Crosses fingers* 26 days to go...
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