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Glee 01x08: Mash Up

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You know how EVERY SINGLE WEEK, I keep saying this show keeps getting better and I'm not sure how it can top itself?! WELL IT FREAKING DOES and I'm just blown away at how things just keep escalating to the point wherein, I do not know how else they can go on being awesome and yet they do. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!! This is how you keep being awesome, TV. This has EMMY award winner all over it.

Finn and Quinn Get Their Share of Slushies
Poor kiddies, they're not cool anymore. I swear, there were a lot of slushies wasted in this episode. It's realistic to see the cool kids get dethroned though. It was funny how Emma wasn't sure why they needed her help cause they had too many MySpace friends. Too bad there isn't a brochure for being popular.

But what I really loved was Kurt taking one for the team. That was really really awesome of him and it just shows what a good friend he is. I'm wondering if he's still in football or if he already quit. I'm glad that Finn eventually decided to choose Glee, only to have Ken take away his rule. All is well in the world.

How Can Emma Choose Between the Winner and the Consolation Prize?
Ken's confession of loving Emma so much that he didn't mind that she had her eyes set on Will really really made me feel bad for Ken. It's not like he's blind and I'm glad he brought it up. Sure, I want Emma/Will, but only if Terri isn't in the picture.

Speaking of Terri, I now realize why I loved this episode so much other than the fact that it had so many songs, some Sue. It's because there was NO TERRI. Still, I'm glad that Will finally realized how he wasn't discouraging Emma and practically leading her on. I just hope for Ken's sake that Emma breaks up with him, cause she obviously is just settling.

Nobody Dares to Break Sue's Heart You Mofo!
I am going to break this stupid newscaster's bones. How dare he break Sue's heart!?!? Sue doesn't just fall easily. She needs a powerful competitor by whom she feels challenged and she found him only to be heartbroken. Don't worry Sue, next week when you come back in November, you'll exact your revenge and wreak havoc on the Gleeks to nurse your broken heart. Screw everyone!!!

The Cutest Jewish Couple That Could Have Been

Everything about this scene from the watching of Schindler's list, to Puck's mom guilt tripping him, to Puck dreaming about Rachel going through his window, to their rehearsing, to their making out (and his asking her to make out), to Rachel imagining it's Finn and to Rachel challenging Puck to do a solo, it all just adds up to TOTAL WIN. Seriously.

These two would have been great together if they both weren't hung up on someone else, but getting introduced to the prospect of them in this episode and with this scene, I swear my jaw dropped and I was squeeing all over the place. Come on FF.Net! I'm counting on you to carry on this ship through fic please!!!

Hair Washing and Lap Sitting
Walking arm and arm in the corridor, and getting slushied? Then having Rachel wash Puck's hair and sitting on his lap?!?! I LIKE THIS. A LOT. How sweet are they, being all domestic? And Puck apologizes for slushie-ing her all those times?! I love them. I'm just going to keep squeeing here, so feel free to scroll over.

Public Hugging and Football Quitting
The obvious disappointment on Rachel's face when Puck doesn't show up or at least comes after the Changster and friend is just priceless. She was really hoping he'd stick in the club (for her in part). I feel for her here. She's probably feeling she can't hang on to anyone. But their hug in front of the ENTIRE club? I love it. And look Quinn, if only you came clean, he'd be hugging you!!!!

Denying Feelings and Letting Go
Oh Puck. At least Rachel's being upfront about her feelings. I know you want Quinn. WE all know it. You should just fight for her. Finn deserves to know the truth and I really do wish Quinn came clean already. Also, I wish that Puck and Rachel can still be friends. Their 'break up' was sad. I wish we could have seen more than one episode with them in it. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Wish I could make Gifs of their ENTIRE Performances

Bust a Move
Is there really anything that Mr. Schuester can't do?! Cause he can sing and rap and he can dance and dance and dance!!! His moves here were just spectacular and he seriously can put all the kids to shame!!! The original of this song is nowhere as fabulous, or maybe because Matthew Morrisson wasn't dancing his crazy ass moves while singing. I want you Matthew Morrisson!
Thong Song
WHY ARE YOU LETTING MY OVARIES EXPLODE WILL SCHUESTER?!?! Emma in that Princess Di gown must have been all hot and bothered, because even if I do NOT LIKE Sisqo's song, Will makes me love it while he raps and dances oh so amazingly. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO SING & DANCE so WELL!?!? It is not fair. People are spontaneously combusting everywhere!!!
What a Girl Wants
Singing Christina Aguilera? Huge Check in my book. I love this song and I love that Rachel always holds a brush as a mic. But really, I love Noah Puckerman, strumming that guitar on her bed -- and of course, the make-out scene that comes next. If Puck wants to make out with me, I am so down with it.
Sweet Caroline
When sometimescrazy first posted about Puck, I saw what she was saying but I didn't really get it until "Acafellas" and now, Puck has just reached the height of his hotness. Stacy, you have amazing taste and I just wanted to melt during this performance. The way he was looking at Rachel, he can do to me, ANYTIME. Oh look at Quinn's look of love. Own up to it, Quinn!!!
Dance, Dance, Dance
What's better than Will dancing? Will dancing WITH SUE. Seriously. How adorable is Sue while ripping up the dance floor. And for what?! TO impress that man anchor!!! Sue's in love and look at the things she does when she's all high on it?! Still, I hope we get to see more dancing Sue even if she isn't inspired by all things lovey dovey because she is a fantastic dancer. Obviously.
I Could Have Danced All Night
Obviously, this is not a way of discouraging Emma, but it sure was cute to see them dance in the wedding gown store. And look at how adorable Emma looked in her gown. Will's face was just priceless. You know he wished he were the groom. Their choreography was just superb. But really, Emma singing was so goooood. I want this to be their wedding!!!
I can't believe we have to wait a few weeks before we get our next episode. I think I'm going to do a mini-marathon again just to keep me sane till then. Plus the songs will be on repeat alternated with the New Moon soundtrack just because I haven't listened to ANYTHING else since this show started. Keep up the fantastic work, Mr. Murphy.
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