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When Forever Ends, A New Legend Begins*

There cannot be just 28 days left till New Moon shows because simple calendar knowledge tells me that is less than ONE MONTH! I need this PR blitz to begin already because with sneak peeks and tv spots coming out and amazing interviews from guilty crush Chris Weitz, I can barely contain myself. Is it actually possible for the the movie to be suckier than the bits and pieces we're seeing? In CWeitz, let's trust. [PopWatch]

* Also is it just me or do I not get that? It was in the TV spot and I guess my brain is just slow, cause the "forever ending" bit (meaning her time with Edward), I get. But the "new legend beginning" part is kinda off? Is it her new friendship with Jacob? The new wolves?

TV Spot: Event

Photo courtesy of kstewartfans

I know what he did to you.
Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?

HELLO EYE OF THE TIGER WOLF!!! I love this shot. and if this is an indication of the brilliant shots we're going to have in this movie, then I am a very happy girl. I know Bella's supposed to be devastated and broken, but I'm loving how she looks. She is so beautiful.

You've killed people, Jake.
We only kill what we're trying to protect you from... Vampires.

VICTORIA! LAURENT! WOLVES!!! I'm loving Victoria's hair and shot here. And Laurent, I know you're about to die here, but I love the chase you and the wolves have. And I'm NOT a wolf person at all, but I'm really really really liking the wolves here.

Stop. Pleeeease. Jake, Noooo!

And lookie here! Fight scene?! Jake transforming in mid air does not get old for me. I'm guessing this is a scene after they get back from Italy?! I'm liking it. Look at Edward trying to 'defend' Bella and all. I'm just liking it. A lot. Obviously.

Movie Clip: Jacob's Transformation

Photo courtesy of mediocrechick

What did you do? What did you do to him?
Easy girl...
He didn't want this
What did we do? What did he do? What did he tell you?
Both of you calm down

Due to my very poor imagination, I could not for the life of me imagination The Reservation or ANY of the Wolf pack. Seeing this, gives me a much better outlook on things and when I do my ~final re-read before the movie, this will definitely come in handy.

Nothing. He told me nothing because he's scared of you
Paul, don't!
It's too late now.
Bella get back. Paul, Paul... get back now!

Paul, Sam and I'm assuming Jared (if I remember right) are the cutest werewolves to be ever. Look at Paul getting all angry and thus transforming into a wolf. In fairness to him, he does look pretty mad so that would constitute a transformation. Jared looks like a baby! I love him!


This wolf transformation does not get old for me. Seriously. And the look on Bella's face, the fear she has and the shock, it looks good and feels real and I'm just loving how brown everything is and non-blue!!!

Jake! Run!!!

of course we get some Jacob transformation (as the title says) and some Jake running and I'm sure this entire movie is just JAKE JAKE JAKE, so yeah, I'll try to keep reminding myself of this so I don't keep looking for Edward.

Speaking of Edward, Eclipse better be EDWARD/BELLA EDWARD/BELLA EDWARD/BELLA to make up for all this Jake okay? But really, Cweitz, I'm loving it so much.
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