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100 Things

This is a really old thing and I got it off Reggie's journal. Obviously, I'm bored too. But unlike everyone else, I ♥♥♥♥ being bored. Professional Bummer. That's me.

  • Copy this whole list into your journal.
  • Bold the things that you have in common with me.
  • Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I am a movie addict.
02. I used to write really bad fanfiction.
03. I want to go to the University of the Philippines
04. I wish I was taller.
05. I wanted glasses because I thought they'd make me look smarter.
06. I go on-line a lot.
07. I can't sing for crap.
08. I love my parents.
09. I can type without looking at the keys.
10. I can't study in a messy room.
11. I love Lala fish crackers.
12. Black dominates my closet.
13. I used to wake up really early just to prepare my clothes for Sunday mass.
14. I'm still in that insecure phase.
15. I wish I had braces because I used to think they were cool.
16. I can't draw or paint.
17. I can live on pansit canton
18. I would love to come out in an American tabloid, hand-in-hand with Jake Gyllenhaal.
19. I read the dictionary sometimes.
20. I'm very much an extrovert and an introvert at the same time.
21. I think my writing sucks.
22. I wish I could be talented.
23. I want to be a vampire.
24. Or a rockstar.
25. I like to read books.
26. My days are spent daydreaming, not living.
27. No one can understand me fully.
28. Sometimes I think my family doesn't KNOW know me.
29. I wish school would start later.
30. I wish there was no school.
31. I don't want to go to school.
32. I want to appear on TRL.
33. I can be immature.
34. I can be really quiet if I wanted to.
35. I'm easily hurt, though I don't show it.
36. I love t-shirts with funky things on them.
37. I stare into space.
38. I have so many alter-egos I can't count them all.
39. I like to wonder.
40. I love eating.
41. I hate the way I look.
42. I only watch The OC and America's Next Top Model.
43. It is very easy to earn my "friendship," but not my trust. Or my respect.
44. I wish I could just live in dreams
45. I'm part of a barkada I barely see
46. High school has grown on me.
47. I can't wait for college. But the thought of it scares me.
48. Economics is going to get me my first S.
49. I need to get a haircut.
50. I'm very weird.
51. I've never been to London.
52. I am part crazy.
54. I am moody.
55. Music is a big chunk of my lifestyle.
56. I like most songs because of the melodies.
57. I've cried in public.
58. I'm a girl.
59. I keep wishing though nothing's come true.
60. Boys make me sick. But I can't resist the cute ones.
61. I try my best.
62. I get disappointed easily.
63. I don't love easily.
64. I don't trust easily either.
65. I can sleep for over 24 hours.
66. I think I'd be good for you and you'd be good for me.
67. I think people need to be more compassionate.
68. I am a jealous person.
69. I'm so used to being discontent that I can't tell when I'm unhappy or just catatonic.
70. I try to be a do-gooder.
71. I hate mouth-blisters.
72. I can't get out of the house without a watch.
73. I don't have enough self-belief.
74. I've never been kissed.
75. Not even on the cheek.
76. Not even a cheek to cheek thing.
77. I hate it when things go wrong.
78. I hate conflict.
79. I want people to respect me.
80. My favorite class is English.
81. I can't cook to save my life.
82. I've burned myself so many times.
83. I'm always sleepy.
84. I used to be obsessed over *N Sync.
85. And Britney too.
86. I am sleepy.
87. I need to find my soulmate.
88. I hate pretentious people.
89. I believe in second chances.
90. I admire people who are living their dreams.
91. I need self-actualization.
92. I hate taking pictures of myself.
93. I like it when people call me.
94. I want to be a princess.
95. I want to wear a string bikini and look fantabulous.
96. I want to graduate with honors.
97. I think there's a fine line between love and self-sacrifice/masochism.
98. I think you have to be crazy to want to get married.
99. I refuse to become a neonatologist.
100. I want to be happy.
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