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90210 02x07: Unmasked

[90210 Media]
I'm really liking the way this season's been produced just because I get a more California vibe from it rather than just a generic teen drama. Since we got Teddy and weird boy as newbies, I guess they had to add another girl in the mix to balance out Sasha and her 'oldness.' And this week, we get surfing again and a week early Halloween party? I guess they wanted to be the early birds for Halloween.

I'm not yet totally sold on Ivy
I don't mind that they're giving Liam a new love interest (preferably just for now as I still am hoping for a Naomi/Liam reunion) but I'm not entirely sold on Ivy just yet. Sure, she's cool and surfs and challenges Liam and I like how they're already feuding. But I hope they get to sustain the way she gets on his nerves, because if they're just going to let her character fizzle into a sweet, saccharine, submissive girl when she ~falls in love with Liam, then it'll be moot point to establish her as a strong character. Still, if having Ivy means more shirtless Liam scenes? then I'm all for it.

Somehow, I'm okay with Teddy here
Teddy is an ass and a half and I'm so on the fence when it comes to him just because he's 'good one episode' and horrible the next but this time around, I like how he's being there for Silver. Saving her from the assignment even if she was mean to him and totally being there for her with the entire mom with cancer thing.

I don't know if his intentions are pure though, but he seems to be good for now. So I won't be complaining. But I hope he doesn't break Silver's heart either. He already did so with Adrianna. One heart per season, okay? And okay, so I love tennis so I'm sort of harboring guilty like for Teddy.

Please Let that be the last we see of Richard
Why do I feel like Jamie is only going to break her heart as well? At least he looks good while he's breaking it right? I don't know too many frat boys but this one looks somewhat nice. I hope he doesn't turn into a douche later on in the season when they need to get rid of him because he's really pretty on the eyes and let's let Naomi have some fun first, okay?

The Wild Wilson Siblings
Oh the Wilson siblings. Someone's stealing cars and the other is getting people pregnant. Is this the decline of the Wilson morals?! I don't know how Dixon is going to deal with this pregnancy. We already had the Adrianna-baby-mama fiasco last season, I hope they don't drag this one out with Sasha. I hope it's fake.

And lookie here, Annie's indulging her wild side. I'm still scared of her boy toy so I'm hoping he leaves the picture as well. He's really creeping me out right now. I hope Annie wakes up and sees how scary he is. But then again, she's too guilt-ridden to think straight.

I Do Not Want a Parental Love Triangle
No really. Kelly. This is not something you're supposed to be doing. The Wilson kids are already fucked up. Do not screw with Debbie as well. And Harry, why did you look sad when Kelly denied liking you!!! This is not an ego boost you need. Love Debbie and do not indulge Kelly. This thing is just so wrong. I can't handle it.
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