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Gossip Girl 03x06: Enough About Eve

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Six Things I learned from Gossip Girl this week:
1. Don't dare Chuck to do anything. He'll actually do it.
2. Bring a purse big enough to fit a microphone all the time
3. Never play poker with Nate. Even if he has 'a plan.'
4. It is easy to photoshop a bong into a photo. Instant scandal.
5. Japan has the cutest things you can take home for friends.
6. Do not scheme with Vanessa. or Nate. Or Serena.

There Needs To Be A Law Banning N from Going Near Playing Cards
Nate really never learns. What is up with Nate (and technically Carter) and gambling!?! Has he not learned his lesson!? He did lose a whole lot of Chuck's money in season 1 and still, he thinks he can win this time. And though I'm ecstatic for the Nate/Serena interaction and the Carter/Serena scene we got, I just wish it were a different plot device used. Is there nothing else to bet on other than cards nowadays?! Also, S is looking really pretty. I want long legs too.

Anna Espinosa Mrs. Abrams Should Kick V's Ass
V is obviously not very good at lying. But she is good at sticking her foot in her mouth. Anna Espinosa Mrs. Abrams is right. Look at what 'this college' is doing to her. Not that V was ever the embodiment of decency, but she obviously isn't meant for scheming. Plus, scheming is much better when you have no remorse and don't feel guilty. I wish her mother were meaner and kicked her ass for her stunt.

And on a side note: how cute were Rufus and Lily in their new married life? See, these folks are adorable when done in small dosages.

I Shouldn't Be Liking D and Olivia This Much
I don't understand why I'm liking Dan now that he's with Olivia. I feel really bad for both Dan and Olivia and how V just use them for her own good. This was just despicable. And yet, Dan and Olivia triumphed in the end. Good job, new couple. Enjoy it while it lasts. I have a feeling the writers are going to mess you up too.

Though I'm probably in the dissenting opinion, I'm liking Hilary in her guest appearance just because she's making me care about Dan's plot. Plus, it's refreshing to see someone on TV who isn't mega uber perfectly thin. Just saying. Also, never trust V, Olivia. She looks like a roomie who'd sell out to a tabloid.

Why Are the Writers Picking on B?
I can now see where jo_herself was coming from when she said she wasn't sure what Leighton did to piss off the writers off because Blair has gotten really bad characterizations this season. I get that she needs to grow up and stop trying to control things she can't now that she's in college. But I wish they'd show some fierceness. They've humanized her enough already.

And that ending? Really, sitting down with the girl who humiliated you? No matter how depressed, I don't think Blair would've done so. Still, I'll try not to complain too much just because I'd rather see non-fierce!Blair over V.

A Little More C Cause I like His Hair
I'm not the only one that likes his hair! Look, the Josh person seems to like it too! Stroking Chuck's hair!!! Oh the lengths he'd go for Blair Waldorf. That is true love y'all. And of course Josh would totally flirt with him. He is Chuck Bass. Open to both male and females. Only Chuck Bass.

Welcome to the Chuck ♥ Blair Show

Cuddling in bed in the morning? Priceless. This is a great way to start the show just because anytime C/B are in the same frame I have a smile on my face. No joke. And how supportive is Chuck of Blair?! He knows what she dreams of at night and reassures her of things and is just awesome. Blair is so lucky.

Reviving their game was cute and well of course Chuck goes into this head first. Because like what Lily said, he'd do anything for Blair and this is just proof of how far he'd go. Thus my sadness that Blair lied to him. They're supposed to be allies not enemies!

C Has Feelings Too B. He Gets Hurt Too.
And I know that they've been happy for a 'long enough' period during this season, but I hope they make up soon. Somehow, Chuck's willingness to kiss boys doesn't remove from his masculinity, for me at least. He still feels very straight somehow.

I'm totally sad with how it ended with them. Chuck doesn't have a meeting and Blair looked so resigned. I need them to make up already. As soon as possible. I need them happy and plotting evil together again. It hurts to see them sad and apart.

So much Vanessa this season. Though I shouldn't complain, I can't help but with we had more non-judgmental breakfast club. really. And what's the deal with NO ERIC?!?! I don't know how I got through this episode without him. Boo.
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